Huh, Where Did 2013 Go?

So 2013 was a terrible year for me to blog. So my goal is to blog once a week. It probably won’t happen next week, as I’ll be out of town, but the week after that, I’ll make sure that I have something up! And I’ll be doing some catch up from last year. Like I don’t think I blogged about our house boat adventure this last year. And Lauren’s driving. I know I didn’t blog about that. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes. Many times. And I’m so not kidding at all. Either way, I’ll work on getting photos, but more importantly, get this in my journal!


Christmas Eve… You can still hear screaming.

So I thought I’d post how Lauren and Kathryn enjoyed their pajamas. It was much better than a smaller child in our house.


Even if there is screaming in the background.

Happy Birthday Amy Lynne!

It’s really weird to think that today you would have been 7 years old. You would have been in first grade. I often wonder how our lives would have been if you’d have lived. If you’d have been healthy. You and Lily would be best friends. I often wonder why Heavenly Father took you back. I mean, I know you must have been really righteous in the pre-mortal life. However, you could have been born during the millennium and I would be no more the wiser.

It’s been a tough 7 years for me. We’re told that we’re never given anymore than we can take. I’ve wondered for the past 7 years though. Horrible thoughts have gone through my mind. Initially in the beginning. What if the church isn’t true? What if we really don’t pass on? How do I really know that you are ok? What if all of those people who don’t believe in God are right? That there is nothing? That is what satan did to me. He kept whispering these horrible things in my ear. I then mentally slapped myself. Of course the church is true. Of course we pass on. I personally have known this since I was 18! I know you’re ok and where you are supposed to be. Those people are wrong. God is real. He loves us. He knows us. And yes, he knows that I was going to be mad at him for taking you away. He knew that before he sent you down to me. He knew I would struggle for years. And years. And that I still struggle.

And this is my motto: Fake it until you make it. You paste that smile on your face. You go to church every Sunday. You participate in whatever calling you’re given. You just keep going until it becomes natural again. Oh, it would have been so easy to go inactive. That’s the easy way out. In fact, that’s exactly what the adversary wants you to do. He LOVES it when he wins. Who doesn’t? I love to win. Which is why I fake it until I make it, because really, I’m going to win over him. He’s nothing. In fact, he’ll never get a body and if I’ve learned on thing in this life, it’s that misery loves company.

I’m finally feeling alive again. It’s taken 7 years. No, that’s not fair to Lauren, Kathryn, Lily or your dad. And again, I wonder why Heavenly Father put this trial in my life. I know you’re not coming back. (For now) I have come to the conclusion that I need to put my big girl panties on. I’ll live my life so I can raise you. I’ll do what I’m supposed to do because I know it’s right. And for the first time in 7 years,

my smile is real.

Lily Turns 5!

Can you believe that this baby:

DSC_0080Picture 141Picture 016

Is now this baby big girl?


Yeah, we can’t either. She had her birthday party and we decided that we’d only do a family birthday party this year. So Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie Terry, Auntie Loralynn, Erik, Karl and the Arnesen’s came over. And since I was running around and making sure everything was good, I didn’t get to my camera until it was time to open presents. So that’s all I have. Oh, and her blowing out her candles.


She’s way excited to open her presents. Notice the bag my mother put Lily’s presents in? No? Let’s take a closer look:


Oh yes, my mother brought the Abercrombie & Fitch bag.


Lexi is getting pushed off of the couch. She doesn’t understand why. She belongs on the couch too! She got a lot of presents. Here are some of them:


She got a my little pony from her Auntie Terry and a Barbie from her Auntie Loralynn. Which I guess didn’t go over too well with her daughters since they were the only ones who ever got a Barbie from her. Oops? haha.


The look on her face has nothing to do with the bag the present was in. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. Actually, there was a ton of cash in the envelope and that’s what the face is for.


Kaitlyn wanted some action on the bag too. That’s right, we start them young in our house. IMG_8825IMG_8832IMG_8840

Kaitlyn actually wanted to help open Lily’s presents. So she did.


We then went in and sang happy birthday to her. She always gets so shy when she’s the center of attention. Which is the main reason why we only had a family birthday party. IMG_8842

Auntie Terry made her cake. She requested Chocolate cake with pink frosting. IMG_8845IMG_8846


Happy birthday Lily!

She started kindergarten this past week and is loving every second of it.

Who Misses Their Second Day of School?

Kathryn. Yes, my sweet Kathryn. Last night, as I was blogging out the first day of school, I hear a crash, boom, bang.

So I walk to the end of the stairs and yell up, “Is everything ok?” To which I hear Kathryn yell down “Yeah! I’m ok!” So I walk back to the office. Just as I was about to sit down, I hear Lauren yelling frantically “NOT OK, NOT OK!” So I ran up the stairs and Kathryn is down on the ground just crying. And then I look at her foot and I see this:


So of course, being the loving wonderful mother that I am, started to sing this:

Now you’ll have this song in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

So anyway. We immediately went to the urgent care at Children’s hospital. I knew it was broken.


So when we got there, I put her in a wheel chair. And then I took her for a real ride. She was a bit concerned and ended up wheeling herself. I guess I scared her.

The nurse comes in and asks for the details of what happened. Since Kathryn is all smiles and laughing, they don’t really think it’s broken. So this is how the conversation went:

Nurse: So tell me what happened.

Kathryn: Well, I tripped over my trumpet and fell and it ended up breaking my foot. My toe hurts really bad.

Nurse: So, it’s the big toe?

Kathryn : Umm well…

Me: No, it’s the toe that’s almost falling off of her foot in the weird direction. You know, the ring toe?

Nurse: Ah, so I see.

No, she doesn’t see. I mean really, hello?

So the x-ray tech came in. We were talking a little bit and she looked at her foot and you know, since there was really no swelling or bruising, she didn’t think that it was broken. So I ended up betting her that it was broken. I told her that the winner gets to gloat to the other one the whole way back to the room. She was game. So this was the picture. Can you see the break? Hint… it’s through the whole bone. And it looks like a smiley face! Now, that’s my girl!


So we ended up getting crutches and a boot.


For six weeks. And you know what she said? Well, breaking my foot is worth getting out of marching band. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. Way to look at the silver lining!

First Day of School… Sort of. At least for 2.

So it was Kathryn and Lily’s first day of school today. Lauren will go tomorrow for her first day.

It started off with Kathryn first. She went to high school. I can’t believe it. I have two children now in high school. And one in kindergarten. I feel like Michelle. While my two are a freshman and a junior, her two are a sophomore and a senior. With a kindergartner. Yeah, we know how to do it. Poor Kathryn was so tired.


She was ok with all the pictures I was taking. As long as I fed her food. So I made her a pancake with chocolate chips in it.


Gotta make sure my favorite Sophomore isn’t hungry on her first day of school! Lily wanted to make sure Kathryn got to her bus stop safe, so she “helped” her get there. IMG_9779IMG_9785 Ever the teenager. Texting on her phone. She was so excited to know that I allowed her to text this month. You see, we’re on a media fast. It as asked by out bishop for us to participate in this and we are ever obedient. He asked us to stay away from video games and computer games and the internet for a month. And no, I don’t consider this on the media fast. This is my family journal. Therefore, it’s ok. Even if it does post to Facebook, it’s automatic. Anyway, tangent over. She was just excited that she could text. Then all of a sudden, the bus came. And it ate her up.


So Lily and I walked back and I made her breakfast. Pancakes and a banana. No chocolate chips, she likes them plain. And then it was time for her to take some pictures. And while I saw a couple of mothers doing this:

(Photo source)

My child was doing this:


And this:


And yes, the finale!


And this was all over us not leaving for school yet. I. Kid. You. Not.

But once we were to school, everything was fine.


She was so excited that she got to play at the “park” 4 times a day, she could do whatever she wanted. So she did.  


The first words out of her mouth when she got off the bus, was “Mom, you were WRONG! I got to play on the park 5 times today!” Hate it when I’m wrong.


Here she is lining up to go to class.


Here she is sitting at her desk. Each morning, she has to write her name down on a little piece of paper and then hand it to her teacher. After she’s done that, then the teacher gives her permission to go and do other activities. Yesterday it was to look at the books.

And then the roles reversed. While other children were doing this:


Lily was doing this:


Quietly reading a book to herself. She was so happy to go to school.


I, of course, had to get a picture of her on the outside when we left. She was quite happy with her first day of school.

We then got home where Kathryn promptly broke her foot. Blog post to come about that.