• Daughter
  • Sister
  • Baby of the family
  • Holy Terror
  • Preemie
  • As in 29 weeker
  • We were scared at first
  • Until she ripped out her vent when she was 2 days old
  • She came home and didn’t even weigh 5 pounds.
  • At her lowest weight, she was 2lbs, 8oz.
  • She was really tiny.
  • Looking at her today, you’d never know how touchy her life was at first.
  • She’s wearing size 4 clothes.
  • She is wearing her age in clothes finally! Yay!
  • She thinks she is 6 8
  • Because she wants to wear make up
  • I told her she has to be 14 before she can do that
  • So she’s skipping years.
  • She already has size 10 feet.
  • She used to be chunky but is now really skinny.
  • She had lost a lot of weight for a toddler
  • I think it’s because she was stressed that we were moving.
  • We did think she had type I diabetes.
  • That’s my biggest fear. To pass it onto my children.
  • She has imaginary friends.
  • Bleach, John, Katie, David, Elmo
  • In fact, Elmo “cut” my shears
  • He also “painted” my curtains with purple nail polish.
  • She loves the snow and can out last both of her sisters.
  • She could probably out last her dad, but we won’t let her test it out.
  • She is in preschool and loving every minute of it.
  • She’s taking piano lessons from a good friend of ours.
  • She’s starting ballet.
  • Her favorite candy is that crappy palmers gold coins.
  • She calls them “points”

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