1. She’s the daughter
  2. Granddaughter
  3. Oldest Child
  4. Sister
  5. Nerd
  6. AP math & science extraordinaire
  7. Loves to read instruction manuals.
  8. About ANYthing
  9. She plays the saxophone
  10. She loves high school
  11. She once read the instruction manual about Lily’s infant car seat
  12. It was over 100 pages long
  13. I didn’t know there was that much information about a car seat
  14. I bet you didn’t either.
  15. She knew everything about that car seat when she was done
  16. She told us how to install it
  17. Even though we already knew how
  18. She loves Granola and Honey Bunches of Oats with Vanilla clusters
  19. She wanted a microscope for her birthday
  20. She loves learning about cells
  21. She loves biology
  22. She’ll probably be a scientist when she grows up
  23. She can’t march and play her saxophone.
  24. It’s true, ask her.
  25. She loves peanut butter cookies with kisses on them.

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