Blogs I stalk


My sister in law Jeri

My cousin Becky


My good good friend from years and years ago… I may or may not be older than Michelle

Michelle’s  husband’s brother is married to Carlen’s sister… say that three times fast! (sometimes it’s private. Just depends on Carlen’s mood)

Another good friend from years and years ago… I may or may not be older than Hilary

Bridget is cousin to my sister in law, Jeri.

I have the pleasure of going to church with this fine lady, she’s also a great friend.

I went to church with Cortney. She doesn’t post too often, but I thought I’d put her on here anyway.

People whose blogs I’ve stumbled upon and liked:

Jennifer Jennifer lost her triplets. Her baby that lived the longest (5 months) passed away the day after Amy Lynne.

Joy Unexpected They unexpectedly had a baby girl years later. It’s her Joy Unexpected to have a daughter.

Post Secret. A place where you can send in any secret that you have. It’s anonymous. Frank picks only a few to be posted each Sunday.

I love Cake Wrecks. In fact, Lily’s 2nd birthday cake got on the site. It was that bad. When my cake was featured, they had around 10,000 submissions per month. You can find my “wreck” here.

When Amy Lynne was sick and in the hospital, I started looking for blogs whose children were sick and/or terminally ill. I found dream mom. She is an inspiration and I love her devotion to her son. Truly selfless this woman is.

I’ve been reading Heather since she lost her daughter, Maddie. She’s pretty darn funny sometimes and isn’t afraid to really tell you what’s on her mind.

The Weed. He’s a gay mormon married to a woman. If you just had question marks pop up in your head about this, you’re not the first one. He also has three daughters. Check him out, he’s hilarious!


I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.


One comment on “Blogs I stalk

  1. Michelle says:

    I love all the explanations! I often wonder who’s who on peoples blog lists. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m first on the friends list. (;

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