1. He’s the husband.
  2. Father
  3. Son
  4. Uncle
  5. Friend
  6. Internet Ninja
  7. You ask, what is an Internet ninja?
  8. He can find anyone
  9. Anything
  10. On the Internet
  11. He also will cook.
  12. If he doesn’t have to clean up after himself.
  13. He can figure out any math problem.
  14. Just ask Lauren.
  15. He knits.
  16. Not with knitting needles.
  17. They’re knitting “sticks”
  18. Why he thinks they’re a difference
  19. He still has lost his man card.
  20. Have I mentioned that he loves the Internet?
  21. He can build computers with spare parts.
  22. He loves hockey.
  23. No, he worships hockey.
  24. In fact, when there’s a fight, he’ll yell “FIGHT FIGHT!”
  25. He does it so much that Lily now does it too.
  26. Kathryn gave him 6 man cards for Father’s day. He hasn’t lost one since then.
  27. He’s a student. About to graduate. Can I get a “Hell yeah?!”

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