Go Cougs!

Yeah, I don’t get the enthusiasm that goes with this, but Benjamin assures me that you have to be a Coug to get it. Whatever.

He’s finally done! 4 looooong years can give you such a crick in the neck! He’s worked hard, I’ve worked hard. I’m just glad he’s done. For now.

We spent some good quality time in the car together as a family. It was just great. Poor Lily had some really bad allergies and needed benadryl for the ride home.  I have a lot of pictures on my phone and those are posted on facebook, but here are some fun pictures of the BIG day.


Oh, I forgot to mention all the walking. I felt like the pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked. They had a great attitude. Me? Not so much. And oh, the hills. Lots and lots of hills.



And wait for it…

Yes, typical family photo…


That’s basically what I can get out of Lily nowadays. Wait until she gets older and cringes and asks me why I let her do such stuff? Well, with Lily, there is no “letting” her. She certainly has a mind of her own.


Just us. Kathryn got a taste of freedom this weekend while we were at graduation. My little brother also graduated from college and my parents were with him. Kathryn wanted to stay home and go to prom. So we let her. She loved every minute.

So glad to be done. For now. Go Cougs?