Houston Part II

I think my children are going to kill me. I think Kathryn asks me daily if I’m going to blog. And each day I respond with, Yes! While she mumbles that I’ve said that 8 millions times already.

So like I said, we were there for the weekend. Kjelly had stayed up until 1:30 am waiting for Lily. Our bedroom has a recliner in it so he stayed there. Jeri finally came and put him in bed. However, bright and early (at least for me) he snuck in at around 7am and woke Lily up and they were running. I. Wanted. To. Die. They ran and ran and ran around the house they were so excited to see each other. I went back to sleep.

Once I wasn’t about to kill children and I had some sleep, I decided that we were going to go to the park. This is quite the park. I guess the people in the south take their religion quite seriously. Not that I don’t, but they broadcast it. Like seriously. Who has ever heard of  a Jesus boat? I hadn’t. Not until I went to Houston.


See? You didn’t believe me. *sigh* It’s ok. It was a nice park.

The children had a blast.


Well, at least Erik did. Kjelly wasn’t too happy I was trying to sneak pictures of him. In fact, it down right pissed him off.


Which made me laugh.



Lily was excited to play on the playground. She’s quite the adventurer that child.

After that, we went to a jumping house. With Lily being in gymnastics, she loves to flip her body and run around and all that jazz. So I have a couple of pictures of her before I realized that my battery was dying (and I didn’t bring my charger) and that I was at the end of my memory card (and I didn’t have another one). So I only have a couple of pictures. Waaaaaa!


So Benjamin to the rescue. He went out early the next morning and bought me a battery charger so I could take more pictures. We decided to do the zoo. And since I was driving, and there was no parking, I literally spent two hours in the car looking for a parking space. So I ended up with only a few pictures from that experience and a healthy hate/hate relationship for the houston zoo.



They were feeding the elephants right when we got there.


And then the whole purpose of going to Houston for a couple of days was to celebrate Erik turning 12 and receiving the Aaronic priesthood. You can learn more about that here.

So we took pictures after church. Earl of course, was being… well… Earl. Gotta love him.



The whole family. Then, after we got home, Jeri wanted some more family pictures. IMG_0154IMG_0158

She had to do some fixin’ first.


Their whole family together. Then Jeri wanted some of the little ones together. We had to convince Lily.


Kjelly, not so much. He was willing to take it all off.


I think this is my most favorite picture of them together.

The next day, we decided to go to the beach. Yes, in January. The weather was perfect, 70’s, the water cold and since we know no different being Washingtonian’s, we loved it. The Texan’s think that’s cold weather. So, we had the beach to ourselves. It was great. I put pictures of the beach, on the drive down we saw this:


These southerner’s take their religions seriously. Now, on to beach pictures.




At one point, there were a ton of birds. I kept trying to tell Lily that they were more afraid of her than she was of them and to run after them. Auntie Jeri helped her overcome her fears.  And then Daddy helped her run them away too.



Kjelly and Lily at one point were also wanting to “dig” up bones.


On our way back to Houston, we wanted to stop at a cemetery in Galveston. It was old and it was awesome.


It was an awesome trip. Oh, and I found a sauce named after my brother.


Awesome whirlwind trip.