First Grade!

Things went so much better than last year! Remember this? That didn’t happen this year! Instead we had this:


Of course… until I wanted a picture of her sitting at her desk. Then I got this:

photo 1

I had pulled her out of playing on the playground to take this picture.


My Father Invented the “Selfie”

Except they weren’t called “Selfies” Who knew my father would be leading this thing that teenagers call selfies? I have proof:


And I’m proud to say… *sniff* that my children have followed in his footsteps. IMG_2445IMG_2446IMG_2448IMG_2449IMG_2450IMG_2456



In other news, we went to the zoo. I didn’t catch all the selfies Kathryn took of her and the animals. It was a little much. It was fun. It was Coug day at the zoo. So we got to get in “free” with lunch and face painting. I say “free” because believe me, we paid for it with our tuition. It was a fun day.


We started out with playing in the trees while Benjamin went and paid for parking. IMG_2269

And then we needed to find the teenagers. There was no parking, so we dropped them off and let them start.


It was a pretty fun day. We saw most everything we wanted to see. IMG_2277

For some reason, the teenagers didn’t want me to take pictures of them. Kathryn always made faces, Lauren had her usual “really?” look and Karl just scowled.


Here is Lily visiting her cousins. On her father’s side of the family.


At least I thought it was her dad’s side of the family. Until these two got to jumping and climbing with them. Then I wondered…


This chicken was hilarious. We ventured around the foul area and there was a demonstration of the different birds of prey. He was running away from them. IMG_2304IMG_2310IMG_2311

I thought it was quite interesting the personalities that they had. The vulture decided that he wanted to sun himself.


We then saw the owls.


He took off to get some food.


And then even though it kept going, we needed to go and get some lunch. And some face painting. Lily loves for her face to be painted.


In fact, she’s very serious about it. And then Karl thought he’d be a smart alec.


She had no clue he was doing that. Then Kathryn and I decided we wanted to get our faces painted too. And since it was “free”, I thought, why not?


After lunch, Benjamin was really excited to go and see the Cheetah’s. And this is what happened:


He was having an afternoon nap. Which made Benjamin…


Very sad little boy. Then I thought it would be great to try and get a good picture of all of my peoples. And this is what happened:


Karl has his back turned, that’s all Benjamin can see, he’s trying to make him turn around. Mean while, back at the ranch, Kathryn is showing off, Lily is quite entertained and Lauren has her “really” look going on. Benjamin finally gets Karl to turn around. IMG_2389

Uh, yeah.

So we move on. At this point, I’m now trying really hard to get a good picture of all of them, without them knowing about it. It sorta worked. I was taking pictures of the flamingos when I saw that I had my chance to take a good picture of them. IMG_2397IMG_2399



I think Karl has spidey sense.


The little brat always knows when I’m trying to get a good picture in. At this point, we sort of lost Lily. She was still in the flamingo area, but I didn’t see her. Therefore, I lost her. Don’t worry, I have a loud voice and everyone in the flamingo area knew I was looking for Lily.

The zoo sometimes has “people of walmart” issues. I saw this couple, looked at Lauren and said “So, do you think that they’re together?” I then proceeded to take a picture of them and Lauren got all embarrassed.


Come on, you all have to agree with me. Then this lady almost lost her dress. No joke. I think her head was on backwards…


Ok, back on track, Karl decided to help Lily climb into a small area. This was the best picture of the bunch that I took.


He and Kathryn wanted to look at the bears.


At this point, they think taking pictures of random people doing stupid stuff is a great idea. So Karl took my camera at that point. These are some of his shots. And no, no random people. Just random animals.


Karl also decided that some animals were going to eat him after he saw Lily playing on this:


So, of course, Lily wanted to try too.


By this time, we’re all ready to go. Lily wants to play on some rocks. That’s where all the selfie pictures came from. And then all I wanted to do was get one good picture of Karl. For his mother. But ohhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo, he had to be a brat about it.


It was a great day, even if it was tiring!