Our Whirlwind Trip To Houston

Benjamin, Lily and I took a quick weekend trip to Houston this past weekend. Erik turned 12 and was becoming a deacon. It was an exciting time for him. It all started with a long trip to Houston. Loooooooooong trip. Everything started out innocent enough.

We put lots of movies on our tablets. Games, snacks, the works. We got to the airport the two hours before. Lily was excited to watch the airplanes take off and land.


That lasted about 10 minutes. Okay… 1 hour and 50 minutes left….

So we put on a movie. Benjamin bought a splitter so they could both watch the same movie at the same time.


That lasted about 20 minutes. 1 hour and 30 minutes to go. Yeesh… she wanted to leave now Now NOW.

Anyway, we got on the plane, got our seat belts on and Lily was excited! It was pretty cute. We left on time. Everything was great. Lily wanted to color. Then she wanted to watch a movie. So Benjamin started looking for his splitter. And looked. And looked. He went through his backpack. Lily’s backpack. We looked through my carry on, my purse. Nope. Nada. In the mean time while Benjamin is looking for the splitter, Lily is getting impatient. She wants to watch a movie. now. now. now. now. Benjamin is still looking.

Love those flight attendants! They handed out snacks and drinks! Yay! Distraction! Mean while, Benjamin is still looking for his splitter. We’ve come to the conclusion that he’s left it at the airport. Poor Benny and Lily! They can’t watch transformers together!

We land in Las Vegas. We had a two hour layover. Ok, I can do this. Lets get lunch. Check. Lets buy something to shut her up. Check. Lets watch our plane land. Yay! Lets watch the passengers get off. Lets get in line. Lets watch a bunch of people come in and out looking all official. How about we watch the sun set. And watch the clock come and go as to when we were supposed to leave. And watch mechanics fix our BROKEN plane. Tears. Tantrums. And those were only from me. We waited some more. Lily was tired. She told me that she wanted a short cut and we should have only been on one plane. Then she cried. And decided to kick and scream. Then she got so tired, she got the sillies. She decided to do some hand stands. And all I’d like to ask is this. How come it’s ok for a 5 year old to act that way but if I acted that way, I’d get stares, possibly be arrested and sent to the looney bin??


We get to board the plane. FINALLY. And my child who yelled at me every time I told her that she was tired and then yell at me that she wasn’t? Fell asleep before we took off.

We finally arrive in Houston at 3:30 am. Oh my gosh, I was so happy to finally be there. And she stayed up the whole time. Shoot. Me. Now.

And even though it was a quick weekend trip, I have a ton to say and a ton of pictures. So I’ll blog about the rest later. Lily wants some attention.


I’ll Tell Her That I Got a Flat Tire…


3:00 pm

My phone rings. I see it is Monroe school district. I think to myself, I better answer this.

Me: Hello?

Tammy: Sara? It’s Tammy from Maltby elementary.

Me: Hello Tammy.

Tammy: Well, I have your daughter here.

Me: (thinking to myself, of course you have my daughter there.) OK?

Tammy: In the office with me.

Me: OK?

Tammy: Well, you were supposed to pick her up at car drop today.

Me: Yes, and I’m about to leave to come and get her. (School dismissal is at 3:25)

Tammy: Well, you never came and got her.

Me: (Light bulb finally turns on.) OH. MY. HELL. (Every Friday, they have early release. She got out at 2:40) I’M ON MY WAY. I’M SO SORRY! I’LL BE THERE IN 10 MINUTES! Tammy, I totally forgot that it was early release every Friday!

Tammy: Well, it is the middle of the year, I didn’t think I’d have to remind you…

Me: Well, my father is usually the one to get Lily off of the bus and he’s helping one of my brothers’ move and out of the state!

Tammy: Well, I guess we’ll just blame Grandpa then, won’t we? Drive safely.


So I slink into the office where Lily is just sitting on one of the chairs, happy as a clam. Not worried in the least. She did ask me why I was late. Aaaaand, I did tell her that I forgot she had early release. She responds with, “so, can I put the key in the truck? (ignition) I replied with a hearty “Yes!” She knows she’s onto something. She can feel the guilt pouring out of me. “Can we get some ice cream from Dairy Queen too?” “You bet honey. Anything you want.”

And that is the day that I forgot my child at school. Not as good as the school losing Lily earlier in the school year… but a close second.

Huh, Where Did 2013 Go?

So 2013 was a terrible year for me to blog. So my goal is to blog once a week. It probably won’t happen next week, as I’ll be out of town, but the week after that, I’ll make sure that I have something up! And I’ll be doing some catch up from last year. Like I don’t think I blogged about our house boat adventure this last year. And Lauren’s driving. I know I didn’t blog about that. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes. Many times. And I’m so not kidding at all. Either way, I’ll work on getting photos, but more importantly, get this in my journal!