Lily Turns 5!

Can you believe that this baby:

DSC_0080Picture 141Picture 016

Is now this baby big girl?


Yeah, we can’t either. She had her birthday party and we decided that we’d only do a family birthday party this year. So Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie Terry, Auntie Loralynn, Erik, Karl and the Arnesen’s came over. And since I was running around and making sure everything was good, I didn’t get to my camera until it was time to open presents. So that’s all I have. Oh, and her blowing out her candles.


She’s way excited to open her presents. Notice the bag my mother put Lily’s presents in? No? Let’s take a closer look:


Oh yes, my mother brought the Abercrombie & Fitch bag.


Lexi is getting pushed off of the couch. She doesn’t understand why. She belongs on the couch too! She got a lot of presents. Here are some of them:


She got a my little pony from her Auntie Terry and a Barbie from her Auntie Loralynn. Which I guess didn’t go over too well with her daughters since they were the only ones who ever got a Barbie from her. Oops? haha.


The look on her face has nothing to do with the bag the present was in. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. Actually, there was a ton of cash in the envelope and that’s what the face is for.


Kaitlyn wanted some action on the bag too. That’s right, we start them young in our house. IMG_8825IMG_8832IMG_8840

Kaitlyn actually wanted to help open Lily’s presents. So she did.


We then went in and sang happy birthday to her. She always gets so shy when she’s the center of attention. Which is the main reason why we only had a family birthday party. IMG_8842

Auntie Terry made her cake. She requested Chocolate cake with pink frosting. IMG_8845IMG_8846


Happy birthday Lily!

She started kindergarten this past week and is loving every second of it.


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