First Day of School… Sort of. At least for 2.

So it was Kathryn and Lily’s first day of school today. Lauren will go tomorrow for her first day.

It started off with Kathryn first. She went to high school. I can’t believe it. I have two children now in high school. And one in kindergarten. I feel like Michelle. While my two are a freshman and a junior, her two are a sophomore and a senior. With a kindergartner. Yeah, we know how to do it. Poor Kathryn was so tired.


She was ok with all the pictures I was taking. As long as I fed her food. So I made her a pancake with chocolate chips in it.


Gotta make sure my favorite Sophomore isn’t hungry on her first day of school! Lily wanted to make sure Kathryn got to her bus stop safe, so she “helped” her get there. IMG_9779IMG_9785 Ever the teenager. Texting on her phone. She was so excited to know that I allowed her to text this month. You see, we’re on a media fast. It as asked by out bishop for us to participate in this and we are ever obedient. He asked us to stay away from video games and computer games and the internet for a month. And no, I don’t consider this on the media fast. This is my family journal. Therefore, it’s ok. Even if it does post to Facebook, it’s automatic. Anyway, tangent over. She was just excited that she could text. Then all of a sudden, the bus came. And it ate her up.


So Lily and I walked back and I made her breakfast. Pancakes and a banana. No chocolate chips, she likes them plain. And then it was time for her to take some pictures. And while I saw a couple of mothers doing this:

(Photo source)

My child was doing this:


And this:


And yes, the finale!


And this was all over us not leaving for school yet. I. Kid. You. Not.

But once we were to school, everything was fine.


She was so excited that she got to play at the “park” 4 times a day, she could do whatever she wanted. So she did.  


The first words out of her mouth when she got off the bus, was “Mom, you were WRONG! I got to play on the park 5 times today!” Hate it when I’m wrong.


Here she is lining up to go to class.


Here she is sitting at her desk. Each morning, she has to write her name down on a little piece of paper and then hand it to her teacher. After she’s done that, then the teacher gives her permission to go and do other activities. Yesterday it was to look at the books.

And then the roles reversed. While other children were doing this:


Lily was doing this:


Quietly reading a book to herself. She was so happy to go to school.


I, of course, had to get a picture of her on the outside when we left. She was quite happy with her first day of school.

We then got home where Kathryn promptly broke her foot. Blog post to come about that.


2 comments on “First Day of School… Sort of. At least for 2.

  1. Jeri says:

    Very cute outfit on Lily. Love Kathryn’s hair color & cut too.

  2. Michelle says:

    Yes, we do things right. My favorite is when people say “oh, you’ve got teenagers? So you’ve got helpers!” Yes! Because everyone knows how helpful and not needy teenagers are!!! Ha.

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