Memorial Day 2013

I know it’s for our veteran’s and for all that they’ve done and how it’s for our freedom, but I take that day and go and visit Amy Lynne’s grave. We don’t go there much. It hurts Kathryn terribly and Lily talks about how she’ll come out of the ground soon and she will hold Amy Lynne in her arms.

Her funeral was a horrible day. I don’t even remember the day that we buried her. I’d have to look at her program called. Anyway, I do remember a couple of things.

My ward at the time had really let us down. I didn’t want to bury her in Renton. We had no plans to stay there. We thought of some places in Woodinville, even checked them out and we were at a loss. My grandparent’s had died years before in another state and I didn’t have to worry about where to bury them. Where would I bury my daughter?? We decided to keep it simple. There was a funeral home on Main street where I worked. We called them. They were just a funeral home, they didn’t do any embalming, or even have a cemetery, but they worked with another company who did. They had a beautiful cemetery that was out of the way and you would have to work hard to find it. So we went and viewed it. It was pretty and they had a special place that all the children were buried. Perfect.

Anyway, back to the day we buried her. It was cold and raining and the forecast was called for a huge storm. We had her funeral in a Bothell LDS building. That ward was so nice. I can’t remember what they did for me, but I remember being really touched. Some of my ward members came from Renton. A lot of people came from my mom’s ward. It was the ward I’d grown up in. We had people come from Benjamin’s work and nurses from the hospital where Amy Lynne had been for so long.

Matthew gave such a special family prayer right before we took Amy Lynne into the chapel for her funeral. Lauren cried the whole time. Kathryn was silent. We were all in purple. Jeri’s idea. All the boys wore purple ties. I remember buying boots. I wanted my feet to be warm in the cold weather. Even though I knew that my daughter’s body was going to be so cold.

There is a slight hill where Amy Lynne is buried. They set up a canopy and some chairs. They wanted me to sit in the chairs. I didn’t want to. I was afraid that I’d fall backwards. I remember some of the people who were there. My family of course. And I remember the White’s. I know there were other people, but I just can’t remember them.

After my father dedicated the grave, the funeral director looked at me to make sure that I really wanted to watch Amy Lynne be put in the ground. To which I nodded my head. They had two workers there, not normal by the way. They looked uncomfortable. I guess they didn’t really understand my reasoning. They wanted me to just leave her coffin there? Someone could literally walk away with her. It freaked me out. I needed to know that my daughter’s body was where I’d picked it out for it to be until the 1st resurrection. The one thing that I feel bad about and wish I would have made more clear… Not only did I want to see her body lowered into the ground, I wanted to see the cement slab put on top of her and dirt going on top of that. I literally wanted to see her buried. They just couldn’t fathom that. I had to be satisfied by watching them lower her into the ground.

She was born in the fall and died in the winter. It’s always so cold to go and visit her on those dates. At least Memorial Day is warmer time of the year. So that’s when we go.

It had been too long since we’d been there and grass was starting to grow over her name plate. We decided to go this past Memorial Day and fix her name plate and put some flowers on her grave to make it look pretty.

It rained the whole time. I forgot my gloves, I only brought a trowel and a bucket to put the weeds into. Oh well. So I only was able to take a picture from the van with my dirty hands.


We sure do miss you, Amy Lynne.


One comment on “Memorial Day 2013

  1. Ah Sara, I will always remember what a sweet baby your Amy Lynne was, and what a blessing it was to have her with us for the time she was able to stay. Sending you love! <3 Michelle Matthews

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