Easter… In July

Well, not really, but when you don’t blog about Easter that happened in March until July, well, I should just be ashamed of myself.

But I’m not.

We had our friends the Arnesen’s over. Sort of. Their children spent the night at our house. IMG_8487IMG_8488

Lily’s loot.                                                    Kaitlyn’s Loot.


Max’s loot.                                Charles’s loot.



They were quite excited of the stuff that the Easter bunny gave them. He even left a whole bag of eggs for us to hide later on at the Arnesen’s house! They were having a party there. IMG_8524IMG_8532

Lily loved her bunny ears. After everything was done, she put her Easter bag around her should and told me that she was ready to go and find some eggs. They had to wait because I then went in and made some breakfast.

After that, we took all the children over to the Arnesen’s house and had our party. The men were really excited.


Because they were so excited, we decided to put them in charge of the egg dyeing station. IMG_8542IMG_8554

Of course, the egg dye? It was only vinegar. That’s why they were such, ah vibrant colors. IMG_8559

Someone forgot to give Charles the memo about the vinegar eggs….


It brought tears to his eyes!! It was so dang funny. I almost peed my pants.

The kids played on the trampoline while we ate and visited with each other. IMG_8548

Oh, and Victoria had bought some fun treats for Max, Kaitlyn, Lily and Charles:


Baby Ducks!!! Unfortunately, the neighbors dog took one look at them and said to himself… “Yum, lunch!” So there is only one left. And the poor thing won’t leave the pen for fear of being someone’s lunch.


Afterwards, we started the Easter egg hunt.



Lily loved it.

Britton wanted to see the loot Lily had collected so far:


And then Britton proceeded to climb up the tree to get her an egg. That girl is serious about her candy!

IMG_8600Afterward, Lily wanted to check out all of her candy. While the children did this, the adult women chatted….


This is Beth                                                   and this is Victoria. (Someone needs to remind Victoria that she hasn’t updated her blog in over three years. And Beth thought it had been forever since I blogged??)

While the men played Bocce ball.


It was pretty fun. And for being only March, we all got sunburned. Lily has a nice farmers tan from the whole experience. Because really, besides Donya, who would think to bring it in March?


2 comments on “Easter… In July

  1. Jeri says:

    Very Cute! Looks like you guys had fun…we had to hide the eggs inside because all the candy melts here.

  2. Beth says:

    I’m working on it. We just got back from a week of camping. You sure know a good Easter bunny!

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