Worse. Day. Ever.

Lily had her well child check up today. She did well on everything. And then…. dun dun dun… She had to get a shot. Just one. It was a combined shot. MMR & Chicken pox. Benjamin this morning said that she had a Dr’s appt and that they would just look at her and weigh her and make sure that she was doing what she was supposed to be doing. He assured her that she wouldn’t be getting any shots.

He’s such a liar.

When I told her, she went nuts. He was picking her up from the Dr and I went back to work, so he was in the waiting room while she was getting her shots. I received a text from him saying this:

I’m guessing that wailing we just heard was Lily?

Oh and then some. Holy cow that girl has a pair of lungs on her.

So in the car on the way home she told Benjamin that it was the Worse. Day. Ever. It’s a bad bad bad day. Poor baby. Does it make me a terrible mother that I was laughing? And I find it funny?

In other news, after dinner last night, I popped in a piece of gum. Lily asked for one and so I gave her one. She asked Lauren if she had any gum and Lauren told her no. She then asked Benjamin if he had any gum and he said no, too. She then exclaimed that Lauren and Daddy are losers because they don’t have gum. It was so dang funny. After I spit out my gum she then declared me a loser too. That child. And now that Father’s day is over, I’ll give you a preview of Benjamin’s fathers day present.


I had this one blown up to a 16X20. We’re going to put it in our home office for him. Around his baseball themed office that I will get to one day…


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