Worse. Day. Ever.

Lily had her well child check up today. She did well on everything. And then…. dun dun dun… She had to get a shot. Just one. It was a combined shot. MMR & Chicken pox. Benjamin this morning said that she had a Dr’s appt and that they would just look at her and weigh her and make sure that she was doing what she was supposed to be doing. He assured her that she wouldn’t be getting any shots.

He’s such a liar.

When I told her, she went nuts. He was picking her up from the Dr and I went back to work, so he was in the waiting room while she was getting her shots. I received a text from him saying this:

I’m guessing that wailing we just heard was Lily?

Oh and then some. Holy cow that girl has a pair of lungs on her.

So in the car on the way home she told Benjamin that it was the Worse. Day. Ever. It’s a bad bad bad day. Poor baby. Does it make me a terrible mother that I was laughing? And I find it funny?

In other news, after dinner last night, I popped in a piece of gum. Lily asked for one and so I gave her one. She asked Lauren if she had any gum and Lauren told her no. She then asked Benjamin if he had any gum and he said no, too. She then exclaimed that Lauren and Daddy are losers because they don’t have gum. It was so dang funny. After I spit out my gum she then declared me a loser too. That child. And now that Father’s day is over, I’ll give you a preview of Benjamin’s fathers day present.


I had this one blown up to a 16X20. We’re going to put it in our home office for him. Around his baseball themed office that I will get to one day…


In Which I’m called to Repentance

So my friend Beth said this on my Facebook page:

So, you haven’t blogged since march 25. I miss blogger Sara.

Huh, March 25th? Really? Whoops? I guess I’ve had some things on my plate and forgot to blog.

So let me update you. As most of the people who read my blog know, I’m divorced. I usually don’t say anything on here about him or his family or what goes on in our lives regarding him. I mean, it’s public. I’m sure he could find it if he tried to. Or maybe he knows about it and reads it? Who knows. I just remember one piece of great advice my mother gave me when this (divorce) all started when the girls were little. She said “Don’t ever say anything bad about him to the girls. In fact, don’t say anything at all about him. His true colors will come to pass and if you give him the rope, he’ll hang himself.” (referring to his relationship with my girls)

Best. Advice. Ever.

However, some things came to light in the beginning of April between him and the girls and I think that I stewed about it too much. Which means no blog writing. Whoops? Lets just say that the 14 days a year that he demanded of seeing the girls are over. Which is a huge relief for me, Benjamin and the girls. And? I gave him the rope and he hanged (hung?) himself with it. The years of patience were richly rewarded. My mother is so dang smart.

So I’ll give some recaps of what’s been going on. My camera is at the office, so I can’t get any pictures off of it and I know there are things on there that will require another blog post. Yes, Beth, you’re welcome. Winking smile 

In April, my friend Victoria had a birthday. She wanted to go backpacking. *gulp* Ok, I can do this. I’m in shape!

I thought I would die.

We went to lake ozette and hiked in three miles. Oh, did I mention that I had a back pack from the 70’s and I couldn’t anchor it to me properly? It was bright orange. The best. My cousin was so sweet to let us borrow hers. We had another one. It was blue and from the 80’s. That was the one Benjamin had. It was one of those framed backpacks. It broke in half. I’d like to say that I’m joking, but I’m not. Nevertheless, Benjamin was a good sport about it and packed it in anyway. I don’t have any pictures from it because I didn’t want the extra weight in my back pack.


We had a great time, it rained and we got soaked. We made a fire. Well, Victoria made the fire. I just helped by looking for wood that wasn’t soaked. We ate these freeze dried meals that I thought were going to be gross, but they were actually delicious!

We explored the area and saw a place where the indians had paid homage to dead whales.


We went in and I looked around, I said to Mike (on their camcorder no less) “this is what I got my hiking boots dirty and muddy for?” He laughed in my face. We went out to the tide and with a stick I wrote in the sand “Happy Birtday Victoria!” Only to realize that yes, I’d spelled birthday wrong. I’m awesome like that. Apparently there were seals in the water that I couldn’t see. I don’t remember if I even brought my glasses with me. We were concerned about Benjamin and his “have to wear” contacts. He did well with them. We stayed two nights in the same spot so we could have a camp fire. Which I’m really grateful for since we were soaked on Saturday and it was good to have a fire to help dry out our clothes. Even if they still smell like smoke to this day.

We hiked out and Benjamin was done with his back pack. I kept taking “breaks” and he was all done with that. So we convinced the menfolk to go on ahead and we’d catch up. about 10 minutes after they left us, Victoria was getting fed up with my “breaks” so we had a “pep” talk. My breaks were actually for my calves and not my lungs. She said that we weren’t going to stop again, but that we’d go slower. I was to follow her and shut up. Did I mention that she was in her first trimester of pregnancy? Yeah, she’s just that awesome. I am proud of the fact to say that we didn’t take another break until we got to the car. Which by the way, the guys only made it 10 minutes before us and were quite astonished.

After I got my backpack off of my back, I felt so light. I think the people around me were thinking I was nuts. I was running around and flapping my arms like wings singing “I’m free! I’m free!” Victoria just laughed at me. She then had this great analogy of repentance and how when you finally unburden yourself to the Lord, you feel light and free like that. I’m sure you do! I’d never thought about it. I just haven’t had such a weight on me before with sin. I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, but I could understand. It was a great feeling and I found that I liked it! I would love to go again. In fact, after we dropped them off, Benjamin looked at me and said that if we had better back packs, and our own water purifying system, he’d go back again and do it.

Two hours after we left, we needed to eat, so we did. I got out and thought I was going to die. My legs didn’t want to work. I walked like an old woman. We went to a buffet in a casino. I think they thought I was drunk. No really. It was that bad.

When we got home, Kathryn looked at me and was all “Whoa mom! You’re calves are bulging!”

Victoria for some reason can’t do it for the rest of the year. For some reason, her pregnancy is getting in the way.

May was hell. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

And my sweet nephews flew into town a couple of days ago! It’s going to be great! They’re here for 6 weeks. I’ll definitely have some great stories to blog about while they’re here.

So that’s my catch up. Just for Beth! Which by the way is moving. I think that’s pretty rude of her to leave. But whatever. I guess they have to do what’s best for their family and not what’s best for me. *pouting*