Gingerbread House Making

So I know there are a ton of posts that I need to do… and while I had a few minutes tonight, I thought I’d post about our gingerbread making experience. We weren’t originally going to go. I thought the invitation was for an adult party (you know, over the age of 21) and since Benjamin was still in school, I wasn’t going to go. Well, Leslie was giving the party and on the evening of this day, we talked about it and I decided that I’d take Lauren and Lily as Kathryn had prior obligations that night.

We had the party at her place of work. All I could think when I walked in was that I was warping back in time to Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. IMG_8019IMG_8018IMG_8062

Any kind of candy you could think of to decorate your gingerbread house of choice.


Lily chose the Barbie gingerbread house. There were so many choices of gingerbread houses. However, the table had so much candy and other toys for the children to take and play with. And when something got close to getting low, the oompa loompa’s would just replenish them!

And since I still have the sense of humor of a child… We had to get one of these…


And then I had to take a picture of it pooping candy.


‘Cause that’s how I roll.

But, not to worry, Lily was as excited that they pooped as I was.


Leslie has no children and so her dogs are her children. And since she takes her dogs to work with her, she’s ok with her other employees bringing their “children” to work as well. So there were dogs galore. And they were big dogs. Like golden labs, 100lb dogs. She was in heaven. She played in the candy and helped me build her Barbie house for all of .3 seconds.


She was also really busy eating all the candy too and going back for more.


This was about as far as we got to building the house. It’s not really my thing you see…IMG_8035

I. just. gave. up.

However, some people were really serious about making their houses. Like Lauren and Loralynn…


This was their finished product.


While Lily was running around like a wild child, other kids adults were busily working on their houses. Like I said, there was a ton of choices for gingerbread houses.




When it was time to leave, Leslie was so gracious as to let Lauren take a gingerbread house kit for her german class that she’s taking this year. It’s a tradition to build them. Score! And since there were some snoopy dog houses left, I grabbed a couple of them for Christmas eve for my kids and Jason’s kids to decorate. (A post for that too) It was so much fun. Lily had a blast. We were there for over two hours. Lily didn’t want to leave, but since it was such a long week, I was ready to go by 7:30 that evening. The whole way home, all Lily could talk about was Leslie and when we could go back to see her again. It was so much fun and I’m already looking forward to it next year!


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