What a Week!

I have two posts that need posting. But I’m too lazy to get the edited pictures on here. So I’m going to tell you all about my week. I get tired just thinking about it~!

Monday- I went to work and my mother had hurt her foot. *tangent* Leslie, who is a good friend and a vendor, (You can find her here) had taken us out to dinner to say thank you for all the business we’d sent her way. And so she picked us up in a limo that looked like this:

The way my mother was sitting, she had her foot propped up to keep her from slipping off the seat. Well, she has previously broken her foot when she was a teenager and again when she was preggers with me. She ended up needing surgery and pins inserted into her foot when I was just a couple of weeks old. Fast forward 29 years… Winking smile And with her propping her foot up, gave herself a stress fracture.

So this:

can sometimes equal this:

especially for my mother. I had no issues. Leslie took us here the previous Friday. It was so dang good. After all of that, I took Lily to Ballet. Which she loves most of the time. She did ask me when she can go back into gymnastics. The Ballet teacher always helps the girls do somersaults. It drives her nuts. She took two years of gymnastics. She can do her own somersault. So when she got to the point to do one and the teacher was there, she got up on the foam triangle and jumped up and then curled herself into a ball and off she went. I heard the teacher squeal with surprise. Lily was so proud of herself. I did try and tell the teacher in the beginning that Lily had taken 2 years of gymnastics, but she didn’t have time to listen to me. So I told her again after that stunt.  She listened that time. After we came home, I made dinner and then made dinner for my friend Amanda who is on semi-bed rest.

Tuesday-I took the dinner to Amanda after I dropped Lily off at school. We chatted for a while. I had previously brought over movies for her to watch. Because it can get pretty boring having to be down all the time. I then had to stop by my parent’s house and get my mother. Boot+driving=FAIL. I then worked until about 4 and I had to leave for a meeting that evening down in Renton. Which went until after 9pm. I. Was. So. Tired.

Wednesday- Since I was so tired and Benjamin had to work overnight, my wonderful father so graciously picked Lauren and Kathryn up and dropped Lauren off at seminary and then took Kathryn to jazz band and then came back, picked Lauren up and dropper her off at school. Awesome dad. He is so good to us. I’m so grateful that I live near my parents! I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, my father joked with us when we were looking to buy our house, he looked at the garage stalls and said “One for you, one for Benjamin and one for me!” haha. Funny Papa. So then off I went to take Lily to school, go to work, pick Lily up from school, race to my parent’s house, get in my mom’s truck and take her to the airport with my dad so she can go to Houston to visit my brother and his family. Then back to work and then we went to Leslie’s work for the most awesome gingerbread making party of the century! Which is one of the posts that I have a bunch of pictures to. It was so much fun.

Thursday-Went to work and then we had piano lessons at the Arnesen’s. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was. I was just so tired.

Friday- Work… seeing a theme here? But today was going to be a fantastic day! We had tickets to go see the Silvertips play the Thunderbirds at the Comcast arena. We went with Arnesen’s and left Kathryn to babysit all the kids. Which she did awesome. She had all 4 kids asleep by 8pm. And we had a great time. We went here for dinner and it was so good. We’re going to have to go back very soon! Seriously, Benjamin since he moved up here has talked and talked about this “One Guy from Italy Pizza” I mean seriously. He said that this pizzeria actually compared to that pizza place! High praise indeed! After we ate, we went and got tickets at the will call and then went in. Let’s just say going to a hockey game with Mike is quite the experience… he’s the guy who’s dancing on the big screen, making fun of the players, pissing off the people around you. He’s the guy that gets beer dumped on his head. Oh yeah, it was exciting. Apparently, since he had a cold he wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. This is according to his wife… ;) So it was way fun, we went out for dessert after the game and then returned home around 11pm.

I was supposed to make soap with a couple of friends on Saturday morning and I have to tell you, I’m so glad those plans fell through! So we’re scheduled to make soap this coming Saturday. I was also supposed to help out another friend with my pazzle, but I brought the wrong CD home so I had to reschedule that too.  Which again, turned out just fine. I was so tired from that busy busy week.

I’ll post my two posts with pictures this week. I made a promise to my teenagers. Which I’m thinking for the most part, only family and close friends read this. Which I’m ok with. After all, this is my journal of the adventures of my family.


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