The Concert Where My Child Made Faces

Oh yes. The “super band” concert where the two middle schools came and played together at the high school and we listened to the other bands. Of course, the 8th graders played last so we were privileged to listen to the other kiddos play. So I took some pictures. There were some I took of kids in our ward and I took pictures of some of her friends. They were so nice. For example:


Sweet Linnea. Minding her own business.


And my child. Making faces. Yeah, I know how to raise them!

Want some more examples?

Linnea Nov Concert 2

Linnea getting her reed ready.



Kyle diligently playing his horn:


Actually, I’m sure that Kathryn was playing her horn about this time, but the band director was directly in my way of taking any pictures of Kathryn.


But this is what I got. I then gave her a stern look and she finally smiled for me.


I guess by the time they get to this age, it’s an old thang. You know, the whole concert idea.


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