Thanksgiving… A Day of Rest?

For the most part. I was seriously spoiled this year. I’m still trying to figure out how that happened. My mother graciously hosted at her house this year. I was supposed to be at her house by about 10:30 am thanksgiving morning. Just as I was leaving, she called me. Don’t come yet. There’s nothing to really do. She had slept in so dinner was going to be later this year. Just stay home until 1:30. Then you can come and help me. OK. Nap time anyone? I’ve been so tired lately with my fibromyalgia and a good rest was just fine with me! I get another phone call to not show up until 2:30. The day just keeps getting better and better! I have the most awesome mother in the world! So I show up around 2:45 to help my mother with the rolls and Benjamin shows up around 3:45 and then we sit down to eat around 4:30. My mother had done all the work. My little brother was in town and he helped with the bird earlier in the day. She just needed help with the rolls and getting the potatoes mashed and getting the bird cut up and on the table.

We basically showed up, ate, helped with the dishes and then we left. I was tired and wanted to go home and nap. I know my mother wanted to mess around with her new cuttlebug, but I. Was. So. Tired. I’m not sure what my problem was that day.

We took some pictures. My mother wasn’t too keen on us taking pictures because she had a timeline that we HAD to keep. So we got a couple in.


Have I told you what awesome napkin rings my mother owns? These two are just a sample of the 7 that she owns. I’m thinking I need to get some like that!



And of course, what would a Thanksgiving be without my little brother doing this?


Yeah, it’s kind of tradition for my brothers’ to flip off the camera.


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