So Friday morning, my cousin Terry comes in and told me about this baby Chihuahua that was being neglected at a home. It was being considered an “outside” dog and was kept in a kennel on the front porch. I literally got sick to my stomach. Terry had to go and get that dog before it died. I worried all day long about it and constantly asked Terry if she’d made arrangements to go and get that dog! I guess it was just a puppy, maybe 5 or 6 months old. She finally got a hold of the woman. She wasn’t neglecting him on purpose, she just had too much on her plate to keep up with the puppy.

Terry had an issue though. She was house sitting a dog and couldn’t take the puppy just yet. So I called Benjamin up and told him that we needed to dog sit for a couple of days or maybe even a couple of weeks until Terry was into her new home that closes on December 13th! Benjamin was OK with us babysitting the puppy for Terry. So Terry went and got the puppy. It was a bit worse than we thought. He was an outside dog, but he was contending with the cats and chickens for his food. He was/is literally skin and bones. His ribs stick out and he has a bloated little tummy. Poor baby has worms. He’s never had any shots at all or even been to the vet. His nails are sharp as razors. So we’ve made arrangements to take him on Monday and Terry went and got him a bed, coat and some toys and food. We were out for the evening so when we came home, he was waiting for us. I had talked to Terry who said that she wasn’t sure how much Chihuahua he was as he didn’t look like one at all.

So we came home. And saw this:


Is he not the cutest. puppy. ever? And he’s only 4 months old. Benjamin had to go and get Kathryn at a party so he didn’t see him just yet but when he walked in the door, he took one look at him and was instantly in love. I think we all were. So I called Terry up and asked her how heartbroken she would be if we didn’t return him. She was OK because she knew he would be in a good family and we have two other dogs for him to play with while we’re at work. He is just the cutest ever. And Lily named him Toby.

She’s been mentioning the past week or so that we were going to get a puppy and we were going to name him Toby. He totally looks like a Toby too. We were going to originally name him Pedro, because if he was a Chihuahua, then he’d need a Mexican name. But he doesn’t look like a Pedro. He looks like a… Toby! He comes to the name too which is really funny since I’m writing this on Saturday night and we’ve only had him 24 hours! We just love our new addition.

He’s a baby, so he loves to play like crazy and chew on things. We’ve gotten him some chew toys which he loves. He loves to bark at Lexi and Sophie Belle for them to play with him. He’s about half the size of them, maybe 4 or 5 pounds right now, so he looks really cute. I just caught him sleeping on Benjamin while he watches the football game. We love our Toby!


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