My 29th Birthday

Ahhhh, I turned 29 (again) a couple of days ago. My friends Victoria and Beth came over Thursday night. Beth came into the house. Unannounced. Which is totally fine. EXCEPT… I was busily preparing for her birthday party and had all sorts of stuff on the counter. So while she’s coming in and singing to me, I have this horrified look on my face. What do I do? Holy crap! She’s going to see everything that I’ve been trying to hide from her for the past 2 months! She says that she didn’t see what I was doing… but conveniently turned her back while I quickly tried to clean up all the stuff! Which tells me the sweet stinker saw all my preparations!! Oh well, we ended up chatting until around 10pm and it was awesome!

My sweet cousin Terry ended up making me a homemade cake which was so dang good! In fact, Kathryn took one bite, looked at me and asked me if “auntie” Terry would make her a cake for her birthday. Yes, it was that good! I got Chinese the next day for lunch at work. I asked for Chinese at work because I knew Benjamin wouldn’t do Chinese with me. It was delish! And on Saturday, Benjamin bought me some awesome peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes from here. Wowza, they’re dang good!  It was a great birthday. I got a great present which deserves it’s own post. Stay tuned!


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