So my memory is getting bad enough that I had to look at Benjamin and ask him if I’d posted about Lily being in ballet yet. He said no. So we’re good to go!

Last month, Victoria asked me if I could pick Lily up a little earlier on Monday evenings because she was looking to get her daughter into ballet. So of course, I ask her where it is, how much it costs, and if she’d mind if I enrolled Lily into it. It was way cheap.

Can I  just tell you how much Lily loves ballet?? She knows first position, a second position and a plié. She love love loves it so much. After the first time on the way home in the car, she asked me if she could go back tomorrow. We have her a leotard, pink tights and her pink ballet shoes. I have a picture, but it’s taken with my very crummy phone camera.

This is her Halloween one. She’s in the pink with her back to us (because we’re not allowed in) So the only decent shot of her is with her back to me.



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