78 Years Old

And still kicking! Leonard Cohen was so awesome Friday night! My mother and I went and did some shopping at the CKC conference and then we went to dinner at Maggiano’s in Bellevue. Then we were off to the concert! We arrived an hour and fifteen minutes early. We went through some of the buildings at the city center and then went into the Key about an hour early. We went in and went down all the stairs to the first row. We had great seats.

Can I just say he makes me tired? He came out on stage and started the show around 8:10pm. Skipping no less. He dances around and gets down on his knees. Around 9:30, we had an intermission. At 10, he started up again. He finally left the stage around 11:00. Oh, from going this time, I knew he would come back for an encore. And he’d come back for a second encore. When he left the stage again, we left. And then he came back for a third encore. Holy cow, that man just keeps going and going!

The seats were really uncomfortable so when we heard him keep singing, we went to the bathroom because really, we were hoping to hear this song:

We’d heard everything else and we were on cloud nine! But dang, we were too tired to go back to our seats. Did I mention that it’s about 11:45 at this point? He ended up not playing that song. Boo! But! he sang everything else and it was great.

It was so awesome! What a great birthday present from my mom! She’s the best!


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