To The Scrapper Ladies…

Dear Crapper Scrapper Ladies,

I know you love to do some scrap booking. I do too! That’s why we’re here. Maybe you even like to make cards. I enjoy that too. But, and really, you’d have to know there was a but in here. Why, oh why, do you take so. much. stuff? I mean really, when you pack more for 5 hours of scrapping than you would for an over night stay somewhere else, what. are. you. thinking? Like you’re really going to get all that stuff accomplished in that time? Let me tell you a little secret. YOU’RE NOT. I promise you. I’m a pretty fast scrapper myself and I only bring a shoulder bag and my tool case. All you do is create more mess and are in the way in the aisles of the classrooms. You drive me nuts.




2 comments on “To The Scrapper Ladies…

  1. Rena Meyers says:

    I might not be there this year, but I am glad that you are trying to keep people in line! Someone has to do it.

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