Lily’s First Day of Preschool

Was a bit anti-climatic. She wouldn’t let me get any pictures of her. She drives me nuts on that one. I saw all these cute pictures of children holding up a chalk board with a sign that says “first day of preschool” or “first day of kindergarten” and what does my child do? Yells at me and tells me that she’s not going to take any pictures. So I did what any reasonable parent would do. I brought my camera in anyway and took pictures of her.


See, she’s ignoring me? She’s talking to her dad. This is her cubby where she puts her backpack and coat on.


And she’s giving her dad a big hug goodbye. She isn’t too sure about this whole school thing… She of course loves it now and all but jumps out of the car to get in there.

After school we went to the playground in our neighborhood where she proudly shows off her pumping skills on the swing. She had just learned. Jocey taught her. IMG_7556IMG_7573


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