Disney on Ice

So we got free tickets to go to Disney on Ice. My awesome co-worker Loralynn, who really is like a sister to me got us the tickets. So, after the accident, we literally went home, got into one car, went through the drive thru because we wouldn’t have time to eat my roast and we were off! Lily kept asking when we were going to get there. She was so excited. We made good time and was there way early. We found free parking *score!* and went and stood in line. Our conversation went something like this:

Lily: When do we get to go in?

Me: In about 10 minutes.

*30 seconds have passed*

Lily: When do we get to go in?

Me: *sigh* 10 minutes

*1 minute has passed*

Lily: When do we get to go in?

Me: 5 minutes sweetie. Benjamin… don’t you want to distract your daughter? *insert batting of the eyelashes*

So we get in and there is all this stuff that they want you to buy. We resist. Until Benjamin goes into the men’s room. And then I crumble. And I buy her a wand. And then Benjamin comes out just as I’m signing the receipt. Whoops! I got caught. So we go and find out seats and are sitting and we’re playing on the iPad and Benjamin’s phone. And then the questions start in again about when it’s going to start. It’s almost identical conversation above.

Then out of the blue, Lily asked us when the fighting would start. Bwahahahahaha. Can you tell her dad loves and watches hockey? We told her that there would be no fighting, that this is Disney! On! Ice! And that there would be dancing! and singing! and everyone would be happy! She wasn’t too sure she was into that. haha.

So have you ever been to a movie or a show and the people behind you have this terror of a child? They talk throughout the whole thing, they move from seat to seat, they kick you, kick your chair, cry and are loud and you just want to turn around and not only smack the child, but smack the parent’s as well for being horrible parent’s who don’t know how to teach their child manners?

Oh yes, that was us.

Let’s just say that Lily was a bit disappointed that there was no fighting. She was tired and I think the adrenaline from the car accident left her cranky and tired.

So next time I’m somewhere and the child is an absolute butt, I’ll just make up a story about how they were just in a car accident and the child is cranky and tired.


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