I’ve Never Been in a Car Accident Before…

Says Lily as she and my sweet nanny were hit by a car on Saturday afternoon. I had just left my super Saturday, wanting a nap but knowing that I wouldn’t get one. I had a roast on and I was going to stop by the store to get some French bread to go with our roast and smashed taters. It was going to be yummy. Rosi had just called me to let me know that they’d be late getting back. Rosi went to nanny a new family in August because Lily was starting school and her hours would go down. So Lily had quite the itinerary in place for them. So they were at the Lynnwood mall working their way home to my house. She called and had told me that. Not 2 minutes later, she calls me and the first words out of her mouth were: “We’re OK, but we’ve just been rear ended.” My heart sinks. I can hear the panic in Rosi’s voice. She tells me that it is a 3 car accident. I immediately tell her that I want to know how bad the car has been hit. I’m thinking that I want Lily checked out by paramedics. I hang up and call Benjamin, and we know we need to get to Lynnwood as fast as possible. So after that, I call my parents. They live 15 minutes closer to Lynnwood. My father was out the door. Rosi calls me to let me know that it is in fact 4 cars. She was the last one to be hit. Which made me feel much better. I asked her how Lily was doing. I’m trying to keep her talking, I knew she wasn’t doing so hot. She was in shock. She’d never been in a car accident before. She’s one of the safest grandma drivers that I’ve ever met. (She’ll probably roll her eyes when she reads my grandma remark. Love you Rosi!) So as I’m asking her questions to keep her distracted, she tells me that Lily is doing great. She looked at Rosi and exclaimed “I’ve never been in a car accident before!” She’s quite excited. My father arrives and he calls me to tell me that her car is just barely scratched and Lily is just fine. Which she was. Rosi was ok, she was more worried that Lily was in the car with her. She’s had Lily since she was a baby and we “share” Lily in the mother department.

They’re both safe. I know they both were being looked after. If you’re counting, that makes two times this past week that Lily has come a little too close to being hurt pretty bad.


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