Yup, that’s me. Which you know, if perfect timing. I mean I only have Super Saturday to teach tomorrow (my church’s version of making cheap/frugal gifts and/or projects) and then we as a family got some free tickets *score* to Disney on Ice tomorrow evening.

So I’m sick with you know, just the usual. Sinus pressure, headache, earache, throat hurts. And yes, for anyone tuning in and is actually going tomorrow, I promise, I’ll try not to spread any germs.

I was talking to my cousin  on the phone today. She mentioned that at least I got sick the week before our CKC conference and not the weekend of! Which is very true now that she mentioned it. Because she so lovely reminded me that last year I had the flu (which I’d totally forgotten) and the year before that I’d been sick too. Now that she mentioned it… there have been a lot of times where I’ve been sick during my scrapbooking conference. Boo!

So I’m off to play Settlers of Catan with Kathryn while hopefully I can get Lily down earlier than usual for the night.


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