Halloween 2012

This year wasn’t so good. I was sick. I accidentally inhaled some dijon mustard and it burned my nose. It then went itno my sinus cavity and is currently burning. I also have this massive headache. From the mustard. So my ears ache and my throat hurts and dang, I sound like that puppy in 101 Dalmatians! Anyway, I took Lily out for an hour and then I was just too tired to keep on going. So I sent her out with her friends. who scared her off within about 10 minutes. Hey, I don’t blame her. That Mad Hatter… can be scary!

Lily is happy with her loot. And I’m glad I wasn’t out for 2.5 hours like last year.


I made Kathryn’s tutu. Yes, I’m quite proud of myself! So we have 1985 on the left and a Fairy on the right.



And a Doctor. She was going to go like Kathryn. I made her a pink tutu and she has pink wings, but she changed her mind at the last minute.


A picture of the whole brood.

Kyle (1970) Sam (1985) Quinn (sick boy) Kathryn (Fairy) Linnea (Mad Hatter) and Lily (Doctor)

BTW, Kyle and Sam are “dating” so of course, they had to “match” and go as decades. This is Kathryn’s last year of trick or treating. So I told her she’d better live it up!


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