The Concert Where My Child Made Faces

Oh yes. The “super band” concert where the two middle schools came and played together at the high school and we listened to the other bands. Of course, the 8th graders played last so we were privileged to listen to the other kiddos play. So I took some pictures. There were some I took of kids in our ward and I took pictures of some of her friends. They were so nice. For example:


Sweet Linnea. Minding her own business.


And my child. Making faces. Yeah, I know how to raise them!

Want some more examples?

Linnea Nov Concert 2

Linnea getting her reed ready.



Kyle diligently playing his horn:


Actually, I’m sure that Kathryn was playing her horn about this time, but the band director was directly in my way of taking any pictures of Kathryn.


But this is what I got. I then gave her a stern look and she finally smiled for me.


I guess by the time they get to this age, it’s an old thang. You know, the whole concert idea.


Clean Cup, Clean Cup. Move Down!

A couple of months ago, Victoria came up with a great idea to throw a surprise birthday party for Beth. Except somehow Beth ended up knowing about the party and then found out it was a tea party. Remember this post? Yeah, she admitted she’s seen the “drink me” tag that we had on a tea cup. Little stinker! A mad hatter tea party! So of course, I started looking on Etsy, Pinterest and googled everything to find ideas.

The more we got into it, the more excited I was. I bought stamps, different papers, teas, (herbal of course) miniature keys, more stamps, a mad hatter hat. I made lotions, lip balms for the “treat” bag for the ladies who came. I looked up how to make fondant on youtube. I tried to make it twice. In the end, it was too much for me and we ended up asking Victoria’s sister in law to make the cake, which was fabulous because I literally spent all day cooking on Saturday to make it special for Beth. So, pictures, pictures, and well… PICTURES!

First off, the invitations that went out:


I was lucky enough to find envelopes to match my invitations that I made. I stamped each one with “a royal summons” on the back of each one and I also had a stamp with a clock on it that said “a very important date” on it. Key hole… get it?


I made it so you could see the rabbit on the inside. Well, Alicia helped me with this part. She’s so awesome! (She also takes our pictures and is great with kids… ) And then when you opened it, you saw the invitation.


I wanted people to dress up, but not as the mad hatter. The mad hatter was specifically for Beth.

We could only invited 9 people because my table can only fit 12. So with Victoria, Beth and myself, she had 9 seats left.


We had 12 people invited, one never rsvp’d and three did, but weren’t able to come at the last minute. So 8 it was! Which was perfect.


Yahiza was able to come. As well as Donya. Which she did the majority of the photography on the party. She’s awesome! And Bridget helped out with taking the pictures as well. Yes, you can view the comments to see what she had to say. ;)


We had Amber, Bridget and Nicole there.


Victoria as a Flower, and I was the Queen of Hearts. Shocked? I didn’t think so.


Every time someone arrived, Kathryn played something that sounded like the old Imperial Margarine commercial. And then their name would be announced as they arrived.


Victoria and I went over to Beth’s house the day of to give her her costume and the actual invitation. She ended up dying her hair color purple with kool-aid. It was great.


We decorated for the party of course.


Victoria brought in willow branches and we put the command hooks on my ceiling and fishing wire and suspended books from the ceiling. We also suspended my globe upside down because Alice falls down the rabbit hole.


I made a lot of different things. We started off with quiche and chicken salad stuffed into cucumbers. We then had tomatoes stuffed with fresh basil and mozzarella and cucumber sandwiches. On the table, we had a veggie plate with dip and a fruit platter with my delicious cream cheese and marshmallow combo. We also had three different teapots with hot water and an assortment of herbal teas to choose from. For dessert, I made a sugar cookie bar that turned more into a shortbread than anything else and I made these wonderful peanut butter cookie’s surrounded by a miniature peanut butter cup. It was delicious. Everything turned out to my satisfaction except the sugar cookie bars.

In the middle of all of this, we had another special surprise visitor…


James! Actually, Kathryn announced him as King James. Cause remember, we all had catchy costumes on! He serenaded her! It was. so. dang. sweet. I had tears in my eyes.


Yahiza loved it too. This was literally the look on her face while he was singing to Beth:


And what would it be without a kiss?


That we made them do over and over again until we could get a good shot out of it. I’m sure they didn’t mind!

We then of course had the cake that Victoria’s sister in law made:


And what’s a cake without candles and singing to her?


Here’s to her not catching on fire with the 27 candles that I put on her cake instead of 28. I’m not too sure what I was thinking…

She then opened up presents!



Being the terrible person that I am, I only remember that Donya made her the tart, Nicole gave her the book on Joseph Smith and I gave her the framed picture of the tea party.

The Mad Hatter and the Flower wanted a picture with each other. Then I couldn’t pass this picture up of Beth Mad Hatter. Bridget was trying to stare down the camera too.


Then the birthday girl decided to do some dancing…


After that, some of the women started to leave. So of course, I had to give them their goodie bag!


I had fun making it. I used my pazzle. I did a lot of stuff with my Pazzle. I made the invitations, the place cards, the goodie bags. I can do anything with that machine. I love it!

We then took a picture of our serving girls. Who were wonderful!



Someone thought that they wanted to try my crown on and be the queen. Yup, it backfired. Look at that face!

And to top the evening off, we put all of our hats together!DSC_0116

It was a fabulous evening with friends. Great food, laughter and enjoying one another’s company. Happy Birthday Beth Mad Hatter!!



Thanksgiving… A Day of Rest?

For the most part. I was seriously spoiled this year. I’m still trying to figure out how that happened. My mother graciously hosted at her house this year. I was supposed to be at her house by about 10:30 am thanksgiving morning. Just as I was leaving, she called me. Don’t come yet. There’s nothing to really do. She had slept in so dinner was going to be later this year. Just stay home until 1:30. Then you can come and help me. OK. Nap time anyone? I’ve been so tired lately with my fibromyalgia and a good rest was just fine with me! I get another phone call to not show up until 2:30. The day just keeps getting better and better! I have the most awesome mother in the world! So I show up around 2:45 to help my mother with the rolls and Benjamin shows up around 3:45 and then we sit down to eat around 4:30. My mother had done all the work. My little brother was in town and he helped with the bird earlier in the day. She just needed help with the rolls and getting the potatoes mashed and getting the bird cut up and on the table.

We basically showed up, ate, helped with the dishes and then we left. I was tired and wanted to go home and nap. I know my mother wanted to mess around with her new cuttlebug, but I. Was. So. Tired. I’m not sure what my problem was that day.

We took some pictures. My mother wasn’t too keen on us taking pictures because she had a timeline that we HAD to keep. So we got a couple in.


Have I told you what awesome napkin rings my mother owns? These two are just a sample of the 7 that she owns. I’m thinking I need to get some like that!



And of course, what would a Thanksgiving be without my little brother doing this?


Yeah, it’s kind of tradition for my brothers’ to flip off the camera.


So Friday morning, my cousin Terry comes in and told me about this baby Chihuahua that was being neglected at a home. It was being considered an “outside” dog and was kept in a kennel on the front porch. I literally got sick to my stomach. Terry had to go and get that dog before it died. I worried all day long about it and constantly asked Terry if she’d made arrangements to go and get that dog! I guess it was just a puppy, maybe 5 or 6 months old. She finally got a hold of the woman. She wasn’t neglecting him on purpose, she just had too much on her plate to keep up with the puppy.

Terry had an issue though. She was house sitting a dog and couldn’t take the puppy just yet. So I called Benjamin up and told him that we needed to dog sit for a couple of days or maybe even a couple of weeks until Terry was into her new home that closes on December 13th! Benjamin was OK with us babysitting the puppy for Terry. So Terry went and got the puppy. It was a bit worse than we thought. He was an outside dog, but he was contending with the cats and chickens for his food. He was/is literally skin and bones. His ribs stick out and he has a bloated little tummy. Poor baby has worms. He’s never had any shots at all or even been to the vet. His nails are sharp as razors. So we’ve made arrangements to take him on Monday and Terry went and got him a bed, coat and some toys and food. We were out for the evening so when we came home, he was waiting for us. I had talked to Terry who said that she wasn’t sure how much Chihuahua he was as he didn’t look like one at all.

So we came home. And saw this:


Is he not the cutest. puppy. ever? And he’s only 4 months old. Benjamin had to go and get Kathryn at a party so he didn’t see him just yet but when he walked in the door, he took one look at him and was instantly in love. I think we all were. So I called Terry up and asked her how heartbroken she would be if we didn’t return him. She was OK because she knew he would be in a good family and we have two other dogs for him to play with while we’re at work. He is just the cutest ever. And Lily named him Toby.

She’s been mentioning the past week or so that we were going to get a puppy and we were going to name him Toby. He totally looks like a Toby too. We were going to originally name him Pedro, because if he was a Chihuahua, then he’d need a Mexican name. But he doesn’t look like a Pedro. He looks like a… Toby! He comes to the name too which is really funny since I’m writing this on Saturday night and we’ve only had him 24 hours! We just love our new addition.

He’s a baby, so he loves to play like crazy and chew on things. We’ve gotten him some chew toys which he loves. He loves to bark at Lexi and Sophie Belle for them to play with him. He’s about half the size of them, maybe 4 or 5 pounds right now, so he looks really cute. I just caught him sleeping on Benjamin while he watches the football game. We love our Toby!

My 29th Birthday

Ahhhh, I turned 29 (again) a couple of days ago. My friends Victoria and Beth came over Thursday night. Beth came into the house. Unannounced. Which is totally fine. EXCEPT… I was busily preparing for her birthday party and had all sorts of stuff on the counter. So while she’s coming in and singing to me, I have this horrified look on my face. What do I do? Holy crap! She’s going to see everything that I’ve been trying to hide from her for the past 2 months! She says that she didn’t see what I was doing… but conveniently turned her back while I quickly tried to clean up all the stuff! Which tells me the sweet stinker saw all my preparations!! Oh well, we ended up chatting until around 10pm and it was awesome!

My sweet cousin Terry ended up making me a homemade cake which was so dang good! In fact, Kathryn took one bite, looked at me and asked me if “auntie” Terry would make her a cake for her birthday. Yes, it was that good! I got Chinese the next day for lunch at work. I asked for Chinese at work because I knew Benjamin wouldn’t do Chinese with me. It was delish! And on Saturday, Benjamin bought me some awesome peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes from here. Wowza, they’re dang good!  It was a great birthday. I got a great present which deserves it’s own post. Stay tuned!

Answer Me This

I was raised in the Church. I know it’s true. I could never turn my back on the teachings. I’ve known people even after they’ve gone inactive, they’ve still not went to another church knowing that the teachings are true.

So how does one who is temple endowed, leave the church? Take their garments off? Live with another person without being married? Go to their church? Become a member of another faith? And have been raised in the Church?

I just don’t understand.


So my memory is getting bad enough that I had to look at Benjamin and ask him if I’d posted about Lily being in ballet yet. He said no. So we’re good to go!

Last month, Victoria asked me if I could pick Lily up a little earlier on Monday evenings because she was looking to get her daughter into ballet. So of course, I ask her where it is, how much it costs, and if she’d mind if I enrolled Lily into it. It was way cheap.

Can I  just tell you how much Lily loves ballet?? She knows first position, a second position and a plié. She love love loves it so much. After the first time on the way home in the car, she asked me if she could go back tomorrow. We have her a leotard, pink tights and her pink ballet shoes. I have a picture, but it’s taken with my very crummy phone camera.

This is her Halloween one. She’s in the pink with her back to us (because we’re not allowed in) So the only decent shot of her is with her back to me.