Angels Among Us

You know, we’re promised that there are spirits to help us while we’re here on earth. Guide us. Keep us safe. Well… we just had the scariest experience tonight. We were all sitting down for dinner/pumpkin carving except Lily. She’s really been into wearing necklaces lately. Remember this post? Well, she still wears the necklaces that we made. However, she’s added keys to her necklace. Well, a couple of days ago, I caught her trying to insert a key into the electrical outlet. I immediately cautioned her to not do that. That it was very dangerous and it could hurt her really bad. Usually that’s about it when it comes to warning her and she stays away from it.

Um, not this time.

So we’re at the dinner table and out of the corner of my eye, I literally see this explosion. It’s over as quick as it began… and I look over not really knowing what happened. Lily looks mighty guilty. So I walk over there and this is what I see:


And then I realize… she’s put one of the keys into the socket!! Gah!

She looks at me will all innocence and says “I runned really fast!”

No she didn’t. She jumped… but no runned occurred.

Well, it took out the lighting in our family room and the den. So we waited to switch the breaker for fear that it might catch on fire. I mean it blackened the plate and cracked it and took a chunk out of it!

While we’re waiting, I made her come to the dinner table. And then I notice this:


Holy crap! Her little fingers are blackened too!

She’s mad at me for taking pictures, but I got after her. I told her since she was doing things she wasn’t supposed to do, then I was going to get pictures, dang it!


The more I think about it, the more scared I get. She was so lucky. However, I don’t believe that luck really had anything to do with it. She has to be one really special spirit intended for a special purpose. Because really, she could have been seriously hurt.


2 comments on “Angels Among Us

  1. I still remember Karl doing that… he did the same thing Lily did but with a screwdriver and I knew he was lying because his hands were covered in black too! We even had outlet covers and he figure how to take them out. It’s a good thing she wasn’t hurt.

  2. Michelle says:

    So scary! And so glad she was protected! That little lady is a handful, love it!

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