Settlers of Catan

I’m really hoping that I haven’t blogged about this. But with my memory and my laziness to NOT check if I have, then it will either be a new post or another post on this. *sigh*

So this past summer… I was introduced to Settlers of Catan. At first when it was brought out, all I could think was… oh man, this looks boooooooooooring.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I. Loved. It.

I lost.

But just the first time.

After I played, we went home and I dreamed about it. I’m totally not joking. I was obsessed with it. So I did what any normal person would. I ordered it on amazon. Love that place. We’re like this:

amazon close

And, since I have prime membership, it came the next day!

So we played. Benjamin, Lauren, Kathryn, Lily and I. Except Lily sort of just takes the cards and the wooden cities and roads and plays with them on our table. And then we played again the next night. And the next. And the next. And I won all of them. After two weeks, my family didn’t want to play with me anymore. It was sad. Then, after two weeks, someone else won! And then they wanted to play again! So we did! Again. And again. And again! And it’s been great! After two weeks, Benjamin was done playing, but the girls and I love to play! Ah, how I love Settlers of Catan. <3



One comment on “Settlers of Catan

  1. Did you lose on purpose , so you could get the girls to play with you again?

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