Dearest Beth

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, you had a fabulous friend. We’ll call her… ummm, Victoria. You also have this other friend. We’ll call her… Sara. Well, Sara and Victoria were visiting one night after Sara’s daughter had piano lessons. You came up in the conversation after said lessons. In the midst of everything, Victoria mentioned that she’d love to throw you a surprise birthday party. I thought that was a fabulous idea. She asked me if I’d like to help her. I quickly agreed. I immediately got on the internet for ideas. (yes we already knew what we were going to do) (No, I’m not going to mention it on here) Anyway, we were so excited and were so sneaky. We’d planned on asking James for some names and were going to totally surprise you.

Until you ruined it.

Yes, you RUINED your own surprise birthday party. Want to know how? You told Victoria that you were going to throw yourself a birthday party. So we talked about it and decided that you needed to know that we were going to throw you a party. But, we weren’t going to tell you the theme.

So it’s still a surprise. You only know the day. And since you ruined it, I thought we’d get a list from you so we knew who you definitely wanted to come.

btw… thanks for the list.

I made some fun party things and I can’t even take pictures of them and post them because it would ruin the secret. That’s ok, I’ll post all of the things I made after your party.

I have another secret for you too… I made your invitations today. I’m quite proud of myself. They look great! But… I can’t post pictures of them or even talk about them because again, it would ruin the surprise.

Have I ever told you that the only secrets I can keep was when I was primary president and there were just things I couldn’t share?

But I was so good this time! Until you got a stubborn streak.

So I’ll keep going on with making stuff for the party. And keep it a secret. About the theme of course. And you’ll like it! And be surprised! (hopefully) The End.

With love,



One comment on “Dearest Beth

  1. Bridget says:

    Ha ha ha. Nice Beth!

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