Blogging 5 days a week

I’ve decided that I need to blog more often. I mean this really is the only thing that keeps track of my life with my family. I’ve gotten into the habit of thinking that I need to post pictures when really… I don’t. It’s nice, but not necessary. I was looking over my posts from this year and thought to myself, this is missing and that is missing. Well, no more!

So to get out of my funk, I’m going to start posting Monday thru Friday.

Lauren started her sophomore year. Yikes! She loves high school. She does seminary every morning. She is taking German this year. She’s still in honor math and band this year. She is getting the marching down and has joined the science and German club. She comes home with her homework done most nights and yes, is getting straight A’s. She’s such a nerd.

Kathryn started 8th grade and this is her last year before she goes to high school. (sheesh, I’m getting old, but that’s another post for another day) She is secretary with the ASB and is loving every minute of it. The “board” meets at least twice a week during school which she loves to get out of class. She started jazz band this year and it and seminary are almost at the same time which thanks to my father, we’re able to get both girls to where they need to be so early in the mornings! Kathryn is in honors English this year. It’s a lot of extra homework, but she loves to read and write so it’s not too much for her. She too gets good grades. And we have a little side bet going this semester. If Benjamin, Lauren and Kathryn all get straight A’s, we’ll take the older girls to the melting pot. Yes, we’ll get a babysitter for Lily.

Lily started preschool. It’s at a Lutheran church. She gets “Jesus” time everyday. They even light a candle. Lily was so excited that she was picked to put the candle out the very first week. (I think she got picked because she’s the little Mormon girl) They light a candle during Jesus time. They explained it to me, but I’m still a bit confused about it. Either way, my little pyro is very excited that there is fire in the church. And on Thursday’s, they get to go to the chapel and do Jesus time with the pastor there. And they light the BIG candles in there. Except they don’t call it the chapel. I think they refer to it as the sanctuary. She loves preschool. The other two days a week that she isn’t in preschool and grandpa’s house, she’s at our friends house, the Arnesen’s. Which she loves I think even more than preschool. She gets preschool there and piano lessons and 5 acres to run around on and make mud pies all day long. We also have two different families in our ward who do a free preschool for all of the Sunbeams and it works out nicely that she is able to have even more preschool every Friday too. It sounds like a lot, but she’s loving every minute of it.

And I? I’m still working. Tired, but that’s just me. It comes with the territory of having 4 diseases. I’m loving work right now. My cousin works with me and I think we work great together.

And Benjamin is working full time and going to school full time and still has a GPA of like 3.8. He’s such a super nerd.


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