Dear Amy Lynne,

I miss you terribly. We went to Moclips for a week and we did CTR capes and shields. Lily and Kjelly were super CTR hero’s. I wished that we had to make one for you. All your friends who were born the same year as you started kindergarten this year. I really wish we were taking pictures of you on your first day of kindergarten.

I wish I had a little more chaos with you in our house. I wish that you could go outside and play with your sister. It would help not only me and your older sisters, but your baby sister would like it too. Maybe then your sister wouldn’t call me annoying and tell Lauren that she is frustrating her.

Tomorrow is Lily’s first day of preschool. I sure missed you on your first day of preschool.


One comment on “Dear Amy Lynne,

  1. I miss her too!
    And sorry about the “annoying” bit…I think Kjelly taught her that.

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