Moclips Day 3

Yeah, so I’ve been a bit side tracked the past three weeks or so. I do have the pictures edited though! Yay!

So on the third day (and last full day) we woke up and made breakfast and then we made crowns. Because we’re all Kings and Queens!


Kjelly and Kathryn are very serious!



Lily is too.


Lily wanted the purple buttons on her crown. All. Of. Them. Yeah, that’s what I thought too! And this is why you should blog immediately. Yeah, I don’t know whose crown that is. It’s either Kathryn’s or Erik’s. huh. Maybe Jeri could chime in on this one?


This one for sure is Kathryn’s. :D

After that, we made necklaces and key chains. Yes, I even made myself one too. Until Lily asked if she could steal borrow it.



And of course, Kjelly being the ham and super hero that he was, wore his cape, crown and necklace!


Out at the ocean, Kjelly told Lily that even though she wasn’t dressed up, she was still a princess. So Princess Lily was able to sit near King Kjelly!



Lily was like, whatever, I’m off to play in the sand! In fact, in preschool, they have a sandbox outside and she plays in it every single day. Yes, I have sand in my house most days. Not to mention Grandpa’s jeep!



Lily loved playing in the tall grass. She’d just go and crouch down and play. It’s a good thing she’s potty trained or I would have thought she was going to do her business!



King Kjelly bestowed a hug to his cousin! It’s very cute!

After that, we went in and had some lunch and Lily and I took a nap. After the nap, we went and made… Cucumber boats!!



The babies are so excited to get started!



Here is Lily creating hers! Lauren and Lily are very serious about how they will turn out.

In the mean time, Lily and I had been taking a nap so my mother left the beach and drove back to the house. While she was doing it, she may have done a donut… or two. So Lily didn’t want to be left out. So my mother did a donut.. maybe. And then about 10 minutes later, we had a cop on the beach. You see, they’re illegal… *cough*

IMG_7278Alleged donut on the bottom of the photo, not so alleged cop in the upper left hand corner…

And here’s Erik showing off his cucumber!


The seagulls were really appreciative of their lunch.




Here’s the crew! Showing off their fine creations! You won’t see Kjelly in any of the other pictures of launching the boats because well… he doesn’t do the water.


All the children launched their boats. And all of them came back. Lily was the only one who kept trying and trying and trying… and trying and trying… well, you get the idea.


After that, Lily went back and made more sandcastles.

That night, we made some yummy homemade ice cream. Ready in just 10 minutes!

You can find the recipe here. Really simple. Cream, sugar and vanilla.




Oh, may I say that it was darn tasty. And yes, we’ve made it again. And again.

The next day we left home. But before we did, we took all the leftover old bread and fed the seagulls another lunch. And I wish I had my camera out for that. Alas, it was packed away.


Dear Amy Lynne,

I miss you terribly. We went to Moclips for a week and we did CTR capes and shields. Lily and Kjelly were super CTR hero’s. I wished that we had to make one for you. All your friends who were born the same year as you started kindergarten this year. I really wish we were taking pictures of you on your first day of kindergarten.

I wish I had a little more chaos with you in our house. I wish that you could go outside and play with your sister. It would help not only me and your older sisters, but your baby sister would like it too. Maybe then your sister wouldn’t call me annoying and tell Lauren that she is frustrating her.

Tomorrow is Lily’s first day of preschool. I sure missed you on your first day of preschool.