Moclips-Day 2

I’m a day behind blogging, but really, were you surprised? Yeah, me neither. I have a ton of pictures to post. We were busy bodies. Our theme is Super Hero’s! We made our CTR capes, CTR shields and had shades… cause you know, we have to “hide” our identity! But first, the mothers’ had to help the Super Hero’s make their costumes! IMG_6873IMG_6865IMG_6872

In the midst of all the super hero shield/cape making, we got a new fridge. This is all of our perishables on the counter…


The Old Fridge… and the New one!


Ok, back to making capes and shield making….


IMG_6885Very serious here. Dontcha know, it’s hard work being a CTR Super Hero!!

While things were drying, we went and played at the beach!



Lily wasn’t afraid of the water! She loved playing in the water and when Kathryn wanted to go back, she would look at her and tell her that we’d just gotten out there! No!!! She didn’t want to leave. Kathryn’s feet were bright pink from the cold. *insert snickering here*

There were a ton of seagulls and pelicans on the beach. For the life of me, and every time I’ve been out to the ocean, I’ve never seen a pelican. All I could think of was this:

As I saw this:


So of course, when we got out there, I egged Lily and Kathryn to charge them. So they did. At first Lily was afraid but then Kathryn went yelling and that’s all it took.




It was great. So great that later on, Lily and Kjelly charged the birds themselves. Without Kathryn, which is saying something.


We then sat down to play in the sand. Lily had a great time. However, Grandmama Babushka was a bit cold. (May I just interject here that I kept calling her Grandmama Babushka and when I looked up the spelling, I realized that it was Grandmother in Russian. Slow I may be, but dang, I impress myself!)



I love this picture of Kjelly playing in the sand. Lily wanted to help Erik bring water back so they could make some awesome sandcastles. Dontcha know, water makes everything better!


Shhhh, don’t disturb the wabbit. We have some serious castle/tunnel making going on here.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kathryn dug a huge hole and was able to fit in it herself.

IMG_6953Erik is by his sandcastle. Very proud of himself.

After that, we went back in, had some lunch and of course, a nap. (Like you really had to ask) After the nap, the children turned into Super Hero’s!





They were quite the hams. Lily had her shield, but Kjelly couldn’t find his.


Super Hero Lily took off her cape and we went back to the beach. She didn’t want to get her cape dirty. (can we say girl??) However, Kjelly loved his and he was running around. Every time I’d call him by Kjelly, he’d yell at me and exclaim that he was SUPERMAN! So, Mom, Jeri and I, Lauren, Kathryn, Erik, Lily and Kjelly ahhh, Superman, went down to the beach to fly kites.



Yes, even Superman flings sand everywhere. You better close your eyes when they walk by or you’re going to get a ton of sand in your eyes!

Lily begged me to go down to the water and walk in the ocean with her. So off the two of us went.


We splashed through the water, (did I mention how cold it is?) and we gathered sand dollars (every. little. piece.) and I told her that there were thousands and thousands of pieces of sand dollars and that she didn’t need to pick up every piece she saw. There would be plenty more tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. She looked up at me and said that she had to pick them all up, because then she’ll be RICH! Oh, I wish I could have taped her voice, she was so excited to have a lot of money. LoL

Then at the very end, she went and sat in the dry sand to count her loot and this is what happened:


We went back and I attempted to make these:

Which didn’t work out so well… but non the less, the children were impressed. (I also rhyme after 10pm when I blog)

We made s’mores in the oven and then we went to bed!


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