Moclips- Day 1

Well, once again, we’re on our annual vacation with my mother, Jeri, Erik, Kjelly, Lauren, Kathryn, Lily and I. We packed up the suburban thinking that we only have 8 people, surely we can fit us all in with our crap stuff. I didn’t think we were going to be able to fit us all in, but Jeri and my mother kept telling me that there was plenty of room and that we’d all fit in just fine. We get to my mother’s house and she takes one look and yes, we need to take two cars. So off we go.

Once we finally get here, the children are dying to go out and play, but we need to unpack and get our groceries out. Only to discover that the fridge is broken. While we wait for the repairman to come out, we go down to the beach. Lily and Kjelly love each other so much. IMG_6799IMG_6803

The little ones lead the way. Lily was so sure that she was going swimming that she insisted that we put on her life jacket.


Kjelly is wanting to play pirates so off they go. He starts digging and Lily ditches him to go to the ocean.  He thinks that’s a great idea and soon they’re all walking towards the ocean.


While the mothers stayed behind watching them.


Of course, Jeri is the only good sport who will allow herself to be photographed. I’m taking the pictures and my mother threatened me with my life. There is a reason why I’ve lived so long. I know when she’s serious.


All of the kiddos (minus Karl,  the turkey, he didn’t come on vacation. Something about being too old and taking drivers ed)


Kathryn is pleased with herself, she’s found a live sand dollar and plans to dry it out and take it home. Erik is whistling some tune. That boy loves to whistle. Lily has loot (shells) that she’s found on the beach and is so proud of herself.


We don’t dig to China in our family… when asked where he was digging… Kjelly declared that he’s digging to… Lego Land! To which he then promptly goes on his back and wants to make sand “angels”


Finally, I asked the girls to yell “beach bums!” Yeah, Jeri was the only one to say it. Somehow the girls didn’t think it was that funny.

We came in after that, had dinner, family home evening, and game/blog playing. Our theme for the week is super hero’s. Who are the super hero’s in our life? We decide that we’re going to be CTR super hero’s! Oh yeah, what a great week it’s going to be.


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