what? What? WHAT?

So, Lily had her 4 year well child checkup on Wednesday. She did good. Her eyes are good, her tummy feels good. She’s a bit on the short side, only 44th percentile. A little on the chubby muscly end at 66th percentile. No really, she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her little body. She got two immunizations, DTaP and Polio. Which let me tell you, she was not happy about.

She also failed her hearing test. What? Um, I couldn’t hear you, let me clean my ear out. WHAT?

So, I didn’t think too much about it. I mean after all, Lily talks just fine. I’ve never noticed that she couldn’t hear out of one ear. Her hearing test showed that she can hear in her right ear just fine, but her left ear she bombed the test. So, we went to an audiologist this morning. You know, so I could be “In your face! My little girl doesn’t have hearing loss!”

For them to confirm that yes, in fact, she does have some hearing loss in her left ear.

*cue the record scratch*

Um, excuse me? What did you just say? Not enough to need hearing aids. But enough that we will always need to take her in for regular hearing tests to make sure that it doesn’t get worse.





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