Working Birthday

So, Lily was at work on her birthday. Surprise, surprise, I know. She was looking forward to it. It’s tradition to have the lunch and cake of your choice here. So Lily knew she was going to get something fun. It also happens that my nanny, Rosi, her birthday is 2 days after Lily’s. So we combined their lunch together, but the cakes were on separate days. IMG_6255IMG_6254IMG_6258

Here are some really sweet pictures of them together. You can sort of see the chocolate cake in the corners of the pictures. That was Rosi’s cake. We were singing happy birthday to her. And at our office, we don’t do it just once. Well, the whole staff sings just once. Then Terry sings in Spanish and French. I then have to sing in opera (which I’ve been asked if I was trained in opera. No, seriously) and then Terry and I sing a couple of variations of church birthday songs. Well… I was busy getting ready to sing in my opera voice and Terry thought she’s take my picture. So I cheesed it up thinking that she was getting me in… well… FOCUS when Alicia our wonderful office manager in the background stuck her face in for the picture. And since Terry isn’t familiar with my camera, this is what happened:




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