They’re too cute!

My dogs that is. I just love them. We rescued a yorkie a year ago in March. I was worried about her the first 6 months we had her. She has blossomed and isn’t too scared of her shadow anymore!! She still won’t play with toys and I don’t think that she ever will, but I was taking some pictures of both of my dogs and wanted to share.


This is Sophie Belle. She learned her new name since she’s a rescue, we didn’t know what her name was, if she even had a name. She was a mother in a puppy mill. In the picture on the right, she’s jumping towards me. It just melts my heart. IMG_6225IMG_6223IMG_6228

Any my Lexi Lou! Love her to bits. Even if she does bark at herself in the mirror to “protect” the house! Actually, she doesn’t do that anymore. She just goes after other dogs in our neighborhood and the birds out the back door. You can find Lexi here.


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