June… What a month!

So I’ll start out with a little of what I did in June. Did I tell you that we have a lot of June birthdays?? No? Well, we have Lily on the 14th, Kjelly on the 26th, Karl on the 27th and Lauren on the 28th. I also had two high school graduation parties to go to on the SAME day. So I’ll show you what I made for the graduates…



Cute huh? I own a Pazzles craft cutter.  Every week, they post a new craft to make. Isn’t this cute? I love my pazzle!!

Lily’s birthday party was on June 16th and her theme was Up, Up & Away! So of course, with my pazzle, I made the birthday invitations.

I had a great time making these. It was long and I learned a lot about my pazzle, but it was so worth it!



And this is what the finished product looked like:


Not bad eh? I make birthday invitations better than birthday cakes


One comment on “June… What a month!

  1. […] case you missed it in this post, Lily’s theme was hot air balloons and most everything that would go in the sky, like… bubbles! […]

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