Is a witch…

Why haven’t I been on here in months? Well, my computer crapped out on me. No bueno. But, that’s not what karma is about. Karma is making fun of your mother’s business partner about needing Ben gay. Teased him like there was no tomorrow. Doncha know that Ben gay is for OLD people???

Well, about 6 weeks ago, I got up and was brushing my hair getting ready to go to the trainer when *POP* my shoulder and neck literally went out. You know, I remember when people would complain that they couldn’t move body parts, and I would scoff and roll my eyes. They could move it if they wanted too. Well, I will never make fun of someone being crippled or not being able to move a certain body part or needing… *gulp* Ben Gay!


I have more posts for later, like Lily’s birthday party and other stuff but for now, yes, you get BenGay.


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