Lily’s Birthday!

So we handed out invitations the week before. We ran them around town. However, there is one little girl that lives in our neighborhood, so we thought we’d hand deliver her invitation. Lily is so excited and of course, we had to bring Lexi.

IMG_6221 (1)

In case you missed it in this post, Lily’s theme was hot air balloons and most everything that would go in the sky, like… bubbles! Picture overload here. You are more than welcome to skip this part. Actually, you’re not. Look. At. Them. And, you’ll enjoy it too.






Decorating Hot Air Balloon sugar cookies:

IMG_6387IMG_6382IMG_6379 (1)

Don’t forget… It’s not a good day of decorating until you eat the frosting with your knives. IMG_6394IMG_6392

We like to teach them young around here. Did I tell you that I teach these sweet kiddos on Sunday too? Oh yeah, I’m having plenty of hours to lead them astray.

*cue evil laugh here*

Tangent here. Every year, our Relief Society does a service auction. I donated three items. I also bid on many, but I won two. One of them was a birthday cake made by the fabulous Crystal. Yeah, her daughter up above on the left is eating with a knife. Anyway, I won the cake and it was awesome. In fact, here it is:


It was really yummy too! And of course since Lily wanted a pink cake, Crystal tinted it! But, I’m getting a head of myself. We sang to her and then literally everyone had to take a turn helping Lily blow out the candles. No. Joke. See, I have proof! Lily’s first. IMG_6450IMG_6453IMG_6460IMG_6462IMG_6464

Ok, so my bad, only 4 of the 6 children there helped Lily blow out the candles. But! I do have proof of that. See?

We then ate it. And it was yummy! In fact, the cake was huge and it was gone in our house in less than 2 days flat. And, we’re not really even cake people.




We then went on to presents




They were all totally awesome! She loved them! And lastly… the piñata!

We had a pull piñata instead of one you hit. I mean come on, a bunch of girls? I mean, I’m sure Kjell would have loved to hit something… but pulling worked just as good!IMG_6483IMG_6487

I’m really hoping Brynn had a good time. She didn’t really want any pictures taken of her. It didn’t stop her from pulling on the strings wanting the goodies! Kjelly was the one to eventually pull the string that dropped everything. Literally.


It was an awesome party. Very sedate. All the children were looking out for one another when all the candy dropped, making sure that everyone got what they wanted. I was going to take pictures of the goody baskets, but I can’t seem to remember if I did or where they are. Either way, Lily had a great time, and I think all the children did too. Until Kjelly wanted something and couldn’t have it.


Dang, he’s cute.


Working Birthday

So, Lily was at work on her birthday. Surprise, surprise, I know. She was looking forward to it. It’s tradition to have the lunch and cake of your choice here. So Lily knew she was going to get something fun. It also happens that my nanny, Rosi, her birthday is 2 days after Lily’s. So we combined their lunch together, but the cakes were on separate days. IMG_6255IMG_6254IMG_6258

Here are some really sweet pictures of them together. You can sort of see the chocolate cake in the corners of the pictures. That was Rosi’s cake. We were singing happy birthday to her. And at our office, we don’t do it just once. Well, the whole staff sings just once. Then Terry sings in Spanish and French. I then have to sing in opera (which I’ve been asked if I was trained in opera. No, seriously) and then Terry and I sing a couple of variations of church birthday songs. Well… I was busy getting ready to sing in my opera voice and Terry thought she’s take my picture. So I cheesed it up thinking that she was getting me in… well… FOCUS when Alicia our wonderful office manager in the background stuck her face in for the picture. And since Terry isn’t familiar with my camera, this is what happened:



They’re too cute!

My dogs that is. I just love them. We rescued a yorkie a year ago in March. I was worried about her the first 6 months we had her. She has blossomed and isn’t too scared of her shadow anymore!! She still won’t play with toys and I don’t think that she ever will, but I was taking some pictures of both of my dogs and wanted to share.


This is Sophie Belle. She learned her new name since she’s a rescue, we didn’t know what her name was, if she even had a name. She was a mother in a puppy mill. In the picture on the right, she’s jumping towards me. It just melts my heart. IMG_6225IMG_6223IMG_6228

Any my Lexi Lou! Love her to bits. Even if she does bark at herself in the mirror to “protect” the house! Actually, she doesn’t do that anymore. She just goes after other dogs in our neighborhood and the birds out the back door. You can find Lexi here.

June… What a month!

So I’ll start out with a little of what I did in June. Did I tell you that we have a lot of June birthdays?? No? Well, we have Lily on the 14th, Kjelly on the 26th, Karl on the 27th and Lauren on the 28th. I also had two high school graduation parties to go to on the SAME day. So I’ll show you what I made for the graduates…



Cute huh? I own a Pazzles craft cutter.  Every week, they post a new craft to make. Isn’t this cute? I love my pazzle!!

Lily’s birthday party was on June 16th and her theme was Up, Up & Away! So of course, with my pazzle, I made the birthday invitations.

I had a great time making these. It was long and I learned a lot about my pazzle, but it was so worth it!



And this is what the finished product looked like:


Not bad eh? I make birthday invitations better than birthday cakes


Is a witch…

Why haven’t I been on here in months? Well, my computer crapped out on me. No bueno. But, that’s not what karma is about. Karma is making fun of your mother’s business partner about needing Ben gay. Teased him like there was no tomorrow. Doncha know that Ben gay is for OLD people???

Well, about 6 weeks ago, I got up and was brushing my hair getting ready to go to the trainer when *POP* my shoulder and neck literally went out. You know, I remember when people would complain that they couldn’t move body parts, and I would scoff and roll my eyes. They could move it if they wanted too. Well, I will never make fun of someone being crippled or not being able to move a certain body part or needing… *gulp* Ben Gay!


I have more posts for later, like Lily’s birthday party and other stuff but for now, yes, you get BenGay.