Pacific Beach Last Day

So the last day was great. It wasn’t as windy as it had been and it was almost nice to walk on the beach. During the night, there must have been a terrible storm because there was drift wood everywhere on the beach. Some really awesome pieces too! Like this one:


The beach looked like this:


It was really nice. So we decided that we were going to walk the beach and find some pretty pieces to bring home. Which I did! In the mean time, we also played in the sand.


Lily was the only smart one and actually brought a bucket to put our wood into. Duh!


Here’s Lauren when she found a piece that she liked. And taking the time to draw Lily’s name in the sand. Which gave me a great idea and later on I made these:



So Lily decided that she wanted to take a stick too and make her name. So she did.


So what you’re looking at is this: LiLY with the Y on it’s side and she always underlines her name. It came from a year and a half ago when she was really into writing her name and trying to get anyone to write her name. Benjamin would always underline her name. So that’s what she still does.


So on our walk, Lauren found a walking stick. So of course Lily had to get one too. And then she wanted pictures of both of them with their sticks. We then got pictures of the girls’ and me and then Kathryn went inside.


Kathryn spent most of the week with a temperature and looking like this:


And while she was in the house, we went the other way on the beach and found a piece of driftwood that looked like this:


My mother was kind enough to point it out to me. I was kind enough to take the picture and then yes, I brought it home with me!


It was precious to get a picture of Lily’s footprint in the sand.

And then I wanted to get some pictures of my mother and this is what ended up happening:


I then took a picture of Lauren and mentioned to my mother what a great picture it was and she just barely peaked out because she thought I was lying. But I wasn’t! Here’s the proof too!


So this is what she then did:


And that sums up the pictures that I got of my mother on vacation. We ended the evening of my mother teaching Lily how to make mud pies with sand.


I literally had to dig by hand to get all the sand out before we left the next morning. It was a great relaxing weekend. There was no internet, no phones. Just the beach, some movies and a fire. It was quiet and very relaxing. When I wasn’t bathing Lily 3 times a day. Benjamin got some days to himself because we were gone and he enjoyed it too. All around win win situation.


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