So I’m a huge Twilight Fan. I didn’t  take any notice to the books until the final book came out. Then I saw everyone talking about the series on their blogs. It made me interested, so I went and bought the 1st book. I then went out and bought the rest of the books. How I read all 4 books in one week still confuses me. I think I skipped over some parts of book 2. Let’s just say that’s my least favorite of all the books. To this day, I’ve never fully re-read that book again. And I’d promised myself that if the 3rd book was as boring as the 2nd book, I’d return the 4th book. However, the rest of the books were great! So much so that I’ve re-read them many times. I’ve gone to the midnight release to all of the movies except this last time. I was too sick, (Boo!) so I sent Lauren and Kathryn along with their Auntie Jeri.

So while we were at Pacific Beach, the girls wanted to drive down to Tillamook and go through the viewing on how to make cheese! So I spoke with my mother and she said that it was too far to go. Sad smile So… I looked up Forks… and it was only 2 hours away! Yay!! So on Thursday morning, we got up and I packed the girls’ up and off we went!

*Just a side note here… I was more excited to go than the older girls. Kathryn spent the whole week with a fever and Lauren was tired.

IMG_5832(1)We had to stop by Bella’s truck from the books. IMG_5833IMG_5842

The Chamber of Commerce that gave us a map of everything in town that had to do with Twilight saga. Dr. Cullen even left his Doctor’s coat behind!

IMG_5924Lily was the one who really wanted to try it on, but chickened out at the last minute. Kathryn was a good sport about it.


There was a timber museum where the Chamber was so the girls Lily did some exploring.


The girls just “humored” me. Lily was just so dang excited to get out of her car seat!


So after we visited the Cullen house, the older girls’ were ready to take a nap and Lily was just getting revved up. So off to the only park in Forks, we go!


We didn’t bring any hair bands with us so Lily’s hair was Wild! (with a capital W of course)


She met a bunch of boys she didn’t know what to think about. They were playing on one of those ducky things above, except for 4. Does that make sense? She also learned a new trick. She was so excited.

IMG_5894IMG_5897She learned how to go down the poll! She didn’t really care of me to take pictures of her the whole time, but she sure did want pictures on this!

So while we played for almost an hour, Lauren and Kathryn slept in the van. After that, I wanted to go to the treaty line!


After that, we went back to town, drove around some more and found… A beer mobile! (it must have been for Charlie… however, they had him drink a ton in the movie that I don’t remember in the book)


But look!!!!!! We spotted Victoria!!


Of course, we tried to get another picture of her…


I think she just fed ‘cause she looks a little chunkier than in the movie…  You know, we were trying to be sneaky about it. After all, just because it looks like she just fed doesn’t mean she doesn’t have room for more!

We had a great time. Victoria was the only vampire we saw there. We barely escaped with our lives! After that we went back to the beach house. Kathryn and Lily slept most of the way back. Why is it always on the way back it seems faster?


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