Pacific Beach- Part 1

We had a fabulous time at the beach! I have a ton of pictures but I’ve decided to group them into days. There’s just too much for one post. And…. we went to Forks!! That has to have it’s own post!! Can I just say that it’s dang cold at the ocean in April??

Also on a side note, I’ve decided to start watermarking all of my photo’s on here. My blog is now searchable on the web and I’d just feel better doing that. So I’m working into it. Some of these pictures will have them and some will not.

Day 1:


It’s really cold!               


It still didn’t stop Lily from taking off her boots.


Day 2:

And running in the sand. Or thinking that it would be really fun to go out to the water. IMG_5789IMG_5788



Which is really funny because she was really afraid of the water. In fact, after this event, a couple of days later Lily begged Kathryn to take her out again and that she wouldn’t be “freaked out” by the ocean. *insert snickering*


While she loved playing in the sand, for some reason she didn’t want me to take any pictures! I can’t imagine why not… She’s just too cute not too! In fact, I think she’ll kill me, but I just love this picture…


Her cute little bum all sandy… Makes my heart melt.

For the most part, it was really cold. I didn’t bring my camera out that much just because it was so windy and cold. But we had a fabulous time!

Next post… all about Forks!


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