Pacific Beach Last Day

So the last day was great. It wasn’t as windy as it had been and it was almost nice to walk on the beach. During the night, there must have been a terrible storm because there was drift wood everywhere on the beach. Some really awesome pieces too! Like this one:


The beach looked like this:


It was really nice. So we decided that we were going to walk the beach and find some pretty pieces to bring home. Which I did! In the mean time, we also played in the sand.


Lily was the only smart one and actually brought a bucket to put our wood into. Duh!


Here’s Lauren when she found a piece that she liked. And taking the time to draw Lily’s name in the sand. Which gave me a great idea and later on I made these:



So Lily decided that she wanted to take a stick too and make her name. So she did.


So what you’re looking at is this: LiLY with the Y on it’s side and she always underlines her name. It came from a year and a half ago when she was really into writing her name and trying to get anyone to write her name. Benjamin would always underline her name. So that’s what she still does.


So on our walk, Lauren found a walking stick. So of course Lily had to get one too. And then she wanted pictures of both of them with their sticks. We then got pictures of the girls’ and me and then Kathryn went inside.


Kathryn spent most of the week with a temperature and looking like this:


And while she was in the house, we went the other way on the beach and found a piece of driftwood that looked like this:


My mother was kind enough to point it out to me. I was kind enough to take the picture and then yes, I brought it home with me!


It was precious to get a picture of Lily’s footprint in the sand.

And then I wanted to get some pictures of my mother and this is what ended up happening:


I then took a picture of Lauren and mentioned to my mother what a great picture it was and she just barely peaked out because she thought I was lying. But I wasn’t! Here’s the proof too!


So this is what she then did:


And that sums up the pictures that I got of my mother on vacation. We ended the evening of my mother teaching Lily how to make mud pies with sand.


I literally had to dig by hand to get all the sand out before we left the next morning. It was a great relaxing weekend. There was no internet, no phones. Just the beach, some movies and a fire. It was quiet and very relaxing. When I wasn’t bathing Lily 3 times a day. Benjamin got some days to himself because we were gone and he enjoyed it too. All around win win situation.



So I’ve been working a lot lately. I guess that’s what happens when you go on two vacations in a three week time period. I’ve also done some yard work and having a horrible Fibromyalgia attack which kept me in bed all day Saturday. Either way, I’m not done posting about the rest of the vacation or even Easter. In the mean time, I have a couple of pictures I wanted to share. I’ve titled them:

Nursery Fun! (not the church nursery) It’s what we call Lily’s room here. The nursery. Lily is way into wearing these headbands. So Rosi (my nanny) took her to the dollar store this morning for her to get some new ones.


headband 3headband 2

headband 1Lily Kjelly headbands


So I’m a huge Twilight Fan. I didn’t  take any notice to the books until the final book came out. Then I saw everyone talking about the series on their blogs. It made me interested, so I went and bought the 1st book. I then went out and bought the rest of the books. How I read all 4 books in one week still confuses me. I think I skipped over some parts of book 2. Let’s just say that’s my least favorite of all the books. To this day, I’ve never fully re-read that book again. And I’d promised myself that if the 3rd book was as boring as the 2nd book, I’d return the 4th book. However, the rest of the books were great! So much so that I’ve re-read them many times. I’ve gone to the midnight release to all of the movies except this last time. I was too sick, (Boo!) so I sent Lauren and Kathryn along with their Auntie Jeri.

So while we were at Pacific Beach, the girls wanted to drive down to Tillamook and go through the viewing on how to make cheese! So I spoke with my mother and she said that it was too far to go. Sad smile So… I looked up Forks… and it was only 2 hours away! Yay!! So on Thursday morning, we got up and I packed the girls’ up and off we went!

*Just a side note here… I was more excited to go than the older girls. Kathryn spent the whole week with a fever and Lauren was tired.

IMG_5832(1)We had to stop by Bella’s truck from the books. IMG_5833IMG_5842

The Chamber of Commerce that gave us a map of everything in town that had to do with Twilight saga. Dr. Cullen even left his Doctor’s coat behind!

IMG_5924Lily was the one who really wanted to try it on, but chickened out at the last minute. Kathryn was a good sport about it.


There was a timber museum where the Chamber was so the girls Lily did some exploring.


The girls just “humored” me. Lily was just so dang excited to get out of her car seat!


So after we visited the Cullen house, the older girls’ were ready to take a nap and Lily was just getting revved up. So off to the only park in Forks, we go!


We didn’t bring any hair bands with us so Lily’s hair was Wild! (with a capital W of course)


She met a bunch of boys she didn’t know what to think about. They were playing on one of those ducky things above, except for 4. Does that make sense? She also learned a new trick. She was so excited.

IMG_5894IMG_5897She learned how to go down the poll! She didn’t really care of me to take pictures of her the whole time, but she sure did want pictures on this!

So while we played for almost an hour, Lauren and Kathryn slept in the van. After that, I wanted to go to the treaty line!


After that, we went back to town, drove around some more and found… A beer mobile! (it must have been for Charlie… however, they had him drink a ton in the movie that I don’t remember in the book)


But look!!!!!! We spotted Victoria!!


Of course, we tried to get another picture of her…


I think she just fed ‘cause she looks a little chunkier than in the movie…  You know, we were trying to be sneaky about it. After all, just because it looks like she just fed doesn’t mean she doesn’t have room for more!

We had a great time. Victoria was the only vampire we saw there. We barely escaped with our lives! After that we went back to the beach house. Kathryn and Lily slept most of the way back. Why is it always on the way back it seems faster?

Pacific Beach- Part 1

We had a fabulous time at the beach! I have a ton of pictures but I’ve decided to group them into days. There’s just too much for one post. And…. we went to Forks!! That has to have it’s own post!! Can I just say that it’s dang cold at the ocean in April??

Also on a side note, I’ve decided to start watermarking all of my photo’s on here. My blog is now searchable on the web and I’d just feel better doing that. So I’m working into it. Some of these pictures will have them and some will not.

Day 1:


It’s really cold!               


It still didn’t stop Lily from taking off her boots.


Day 2:

And running in the sand. Or thinking that it would be really fun to go out to the water. IMG_5789IMG_5788



Which is really funny because she was really afraid of the water. In fact, after this event, a couple of days later Lily begged Kathryn to take her out again and that she wouldn’t be “freaked out” by the ocean. *insert snickering*


While she loved playing in the sand, for some reason she didn’t want me to take any pictures! I can’t imagine why not… She’s just too cute not too! In fact, I think she’ll kill me, but I just love this picture…


Her cute little bum all sandy… Makes my heart melt.

For the most part, it was really cold. I didn’t bring my camera out that much just because it was so windy and cold. But we had a fabulous time!

Next post… all about Forks!


Have I ever mentioned that Benjamin loves hockey? Hmmm, I may have mentioned it here before. Oh, I did. It’s number 22. Well, his favorite hockey team is the Predators. So we had saved up for a trip to Nashville for his birthday to watch his beloved Predators play in their hometown. He was a happy boy.

We flew in on Thursday afternoon and found our car and our rental condo. That was pretty much all the time we had for that day.

Friday we went and watched them practice. Benjamin was a happy boy. There were in fact a ton of people there because of this guy. There is quite the story behind this, but I don’t remember all the details. However, I will say that it was his first day back from Russia and everyone came to see him. Otherwise, we probably would have been able to get a hockey puck signed. Oh well… we had the game the next day! But! Before the next day, we made arrangements to go to the Melting Pot. We love it. My mother doesn’t care for it, but can we get a yummy??


Saturday was the big game. We had excellent seats. In fact, we were right behind the only place that didn’t have thick plexiglas. I was scared that a puck would come flying and hit us. Benjamin assured me that the hockey players that weren’t on the ice would catch it.

DSCN0130This is where our seats were. See those two men talking? That’s where the opposing team were going to sit during the game. If you look closely, to the left of the men, that’s where the plexiglas starts. Before the game, no one except whose seats where we were, were allowed to go.



See, the man on the right in black? He was making sure no one passed over the stairs on the right. That’s how good our seats were.


Benjamin got himself a new hockey jersey. He was quite proud of it.

DSCN0135They came out on the ice before the game to stretch. After that, the zamboni’s came out and the pre-game festivities started.


The predators head dropped from the ceiling and the hockey players came out on the ice through it.

And while Benjamin had the camera, I saw this rope dangling from the ceiling and I was a bit confused. So I looked up and saw this thing coming down. So what did I do? I yelled at him to immediately take pictures of the mascot zooming down the rope! DSCN0141DSCN0142

May I just say that the mascot was a hoot?


Before the game, he flung t-shirts to fans in the stands and during one of the breaks, they had these women come out and do some ummm, dancing… and he was quite pleased with it.


That’s the coach’s bald head (of the other team) that you see.


The Predators won! 3-1. If they would have scored another goal, we all would have gotten a free frosty from Wendy’s. But that’s ok. We went home and he celebrated by eating his favorite ice cream in the whole wide world that they don’t sell up here.


Blue Bell ice cream.

Other than that, we pretty much vegged. We went antiquing on Monday only to find out that all most of the stores are closed on Monday’s. Boo!! No, we didn’t go see all the things you’d think we should have seen in Nashville. I’m not a big country fan. Ok, I’m not a country fan at all.

Monday evening, we went to dinner and since we were close to the Temple there, we decided to go and get a picture of it. It’s identical to the Lubbock temple.DSCN0167

However, our condo was just down the street from the Duke’s of Hazzard museum so on our last day there, we quickly went and got some pictures of it.


It was fun and I’m glad Benjamin was able to go for his birthday! Love you honey!