You Idiot!

So, Lily is addicted to Monsters Inc. I bought it when it came out, so it’s just on regular DVD. I’m sure it gives Benjamin fits that he can’t get it on blu ray. So the other night I had a conversation with Lily that went like this:

Me: I love you.
Lily: you idiot!
*surprise on my face*
Benjamin: she learned it from Monsters Inc.
Me: ahhhh, ok. Hey lily, come to bed… You idiot.

So Benjamin didn’t like that we were calling each other idiots. So I had to whisper it. He finally saw the light. I also posted it on facebook and these were some of the comments:

    • Shayla:  Hahahahahaha! I love it!

      March 5 at 10:36pm · LikeUnlike

    • Carmel: I dont remember that being in Monsters Inc. but that is FUNNY. haha

      March 5 at 10:38pm · LikeUnlike

    • Emily:  Yeah, I don’t remember that either… I think he was trying to make you feel better. :)

      March 5 at 10:48pm · LikeUnlike

    • Kathy: LOL. You guys have the coolest, nuttiest conversations. ;)

      March 5 at 11:18pm · LikeUnlike

    • Jane:  I looooovvvvve that. That was the best. Thank you.

      March 5 at 11:35pm · LikeUnlike

    • Benjamin Vermillion ‎@Emily Booher, I present, convincing evidence that it IS indeed in monsters inc. 

    My Favorite Scene from Monsters, Inc.

    This was the funniest scene (for me) in Monsters, Inc. The animation on Mike’s face is stupendous. “…..painted?!”

    March 6 at 9:40am · LikeUnlike · 1 ·

    • Emily: Booher HAHAHA! There it is! I was trying to remember perhaps an endearing moment between Sully and Boo or something. :D

      March 6 at 10:43am · UnlikeLike · 1

  • Later on that night Benjamin, Lily and I are in bed. For her to go to sleep, she likes her arm to be rubbed. However we make fun of her so it goes like this:

    Me: (making fun of Lily) Rub! Faster! Harder! No, like THIS! (she then shows me how she wants to be rubbed)

    Lily: You IDIOT!

    At this point both Benjamin and I burst out laughing. We’ve just enjoyed this. I’ve explained to Lily that she can only do it at home. Other people won’t get it. They don’t watch Monsters Inc. 3. Times. A. Day. Like we do.


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