Kathryn… a Judge?

What were they thinking?

Actually, Kathryn is in her Beehive presidency at church. The theme was “Modest is hottest” and they were doing toilet paper dresses. So since the Beehive presidency was in charge of the activity, they made themselves the judges. Remember this post? These were the clothes they were going to originally wear, but Kathryn decided at the last minute to change her outfit. She’s quite the ham. Remember… 2nd child syndrome. IMG_5665IMG_5666IMG_5669

Yeah, she has no problem posing…





She loves her cell phone. And the texting. She always has her phone and texting. She didn’t have any pockets… So she stuffed it in the waistband of her tights.


Next time you’re wondering how a 2nd child acts… just come back here.


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